Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Taxify reveals plans to take on Uber in Nigeria by being more ‘driver friendly’

With 21 million residents and counting, Lagos is #Africa's largest city. It's no surprise there are about 15 ride-hailing apps jostling for a slice of this lucrative market.
At the top of the pile is #Uber, the world's most popular ride-hailing app. But Uber's ride in the #Lagos market has hit a few bumps. Recently, its drivers staged a protest against the company's poor commission structure.

#Taxify is one of the interesting apps that's giving Uber a run for its money in this market.

Created in #Estonia, Taxify only entered the Lagos market in November, last year. And while Uber takes a 20-25% commission for its service, Taxify takes 15% -- making it a stronger attraction for drivers.


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