5 Affordable Holiday Spots in Nigeria

Affordable holiday spots in Nigeria is always some hard stuff to find though there are so many online. Beautiful cheap vacation destinations in Nigeria are also not a lot. Lets take a peek at some holiday spots that are affordable

Embarking on tours with friends and family is a special thing. The connections and memories formed during such trips make for stories that will last for generations.

Children who are still in their formative years learn a lot from visiting new environments and interacting with people from different backgrounds.

We don’t have a holiday and tour culture in Nigeria and when we plan to, a lot of people assume they have to travel abroad or break the bank.

That’s untrue, as there are myriads of beautiful places you can go to in Nigeria.

Here is a list of amazing places in Nigeria you can visit without breaking the bank.

Jos Wildlife Park

Jos Wildlife Park

This is a man-made wildlife park. Set in an undulating landscape with different species of plant and picnic sites.

The Jos Wildlife Park is home to species of monkeys, bird, lions, reptiles and a host of others.

In the mood for a wild adventure to Jos? Here’s a guide to planning a trip to Jos Wildlife Park.

Open Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 9:00am-5:00pm
Tour fee: N200 per person.

Built by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1972, the Jos Wildlife Park is one of the top attractions in Plateau state.

The park is a conservation center and zoological garden, known for its diversity of animals and species which range from elephants to lions and to monkeys.

Experience the Jos Wildlife Park whenever you’re in town!

The Kajuru Castle in Kaduna

The Kajuru Castle in Kaduna

Visiting the majestic Kajuru castle in Kaduna should be on the bucket list of every Nigerian adventurer.

There are not many places like The Kajuru Castle.

Open Hours: All day
Contact person: +234 815 644 0144
Tour fee: N20,000 per hour for a tour of 1-10 persons.

The castle is private property and has a capacity to contain 150 guests. This is why it is very popular for group vacations, honeymoon getaways, pool parties, etc.

However, due to the actual number of rooms the castle has, you would want to keep the population down to 10.

The castle is open on most days but busier during the weekends. Hence, you have to call the contact person to book your tour slot, at least a day before.

P. S. Food isn’t available at the castle, so you should stock up on that beforehand.

Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi

Five Affordable Holiday Spots in Nigeria - Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi

Yankari Game Reserve is a large wildlife park located in the south-central part of Bauchi State, this is an affordable holiday spot in Nigeria.

This place boasts of having the largest surviving elephant population in West Africa.

Contact number: +234 902 733 2226

Yankari Game Reserve is a large wildlife park located in the south-central part of Bauchi State, Nigeria.

It covers an area of about 2,244 square kilometers (866 sq mi) and is home to several natural warm water springs, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The reserve is also a vast village to animals such as primates, waterbucks, bushbucks, oribi, crocodiles, hippopotamus, roan gazelle, wild ox and countless species of monkeys.

Yankari offers a wide variety of convenient rooms for different budgets — from a bed at a student lodge to a corporate villa — and all rooms have WIFI.

To book a room, call ahead before setting out on your journey. However, there are other inns and motels nearby.

The best time to have the full experience of Yankari is during the dry season with warmer temperature, typically between March and April. This allows you to see a wider range of animals during the safari.

Obudu Mountain Resort in Calabar

Five Affordable Holiday Spots in Nigeria - Obudu Mountain Resort in Calabar
Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort, formerly known as Obudu Cattle Ranch, is one of the most beautiful and pleasant tourist centers in Nigeria.

The rooms in the resort are made up of chalets, standard room, executive room, huts to presidential suites.

Although this resort is open to visitors throughout the year, the period between October and February is the best time to visit, as it is the time when the sky is very bright and the air is frosty.

Having access to the ranch costs: 200 Naira.
Taking a walk on the canopy walkway, which is managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) costs 300 Naira.
Prices of rooms vary, from #30,000 to #70,000. A little steep, but worth every penny.

Oguta Lake Resort in Owerri

Oguta Lake Resort
Oguta Lake Resort

This is one affordable holiday spots in Nigeria, known as the lake of treasure, it is located in Oguta, a quiet town about 30 minutes’ drive from the ever-busy capital of Imo State, Owerri.

The most striking part of this park is the confluence of the Oguta lake which is blue in color and the muddy Ulasi River, with both maintaining their unique colors.

Even an attempt to mix the two by scooping water from one to another will only leave a stain for a short while; this is better seen than reading or imagined!

A deep into the Oguta Lake is also refreshing and safe as the lake is fresh water and does not harbor dangerous creatures.

For your pleasure, the resort equally features a golf course with 18 standard international holes, cruise boat services for that exciting sail you have always imagined, recreational park, standard lodging accommodation, and excellent restaurant.

It also allows you to enrich your knowledge of history by visiting a relic of war constructed by the defunct Biafran Navy led by Ojukwu during Nigeria’s civil war.


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