5 Amazingly Easy Ways to Achieve your Goals for the New Year

One major attributes that will help you achieve your goals for the New Year is consistency. The past year may not have gone the way we’d hoped and some of you might be feeling really bummed, well that’s okay for at least two minutes.

Now you need to get up and take the new year by the horns and right here are pretty simple steps to help you get started for the new year. I’d kindly implore you not to confuse this with some kind of motivational post as what I’m about to say on here are easily relatable stuff that actually works!!! So here we go, easy ways to achieve your goals for the New Year.

Be specific with your goals: Business and finance concept


Umm… I know this might sound a bit too easy and stuff you are used to but being specific is not just saying I want to buy a Benz this year. It goes on to state that this Benz is going to be bought because I’m going to pull off crazy business deals this year (which could be stuff such as putting all of my skills to work this year and cashing out on them).

It could be anything really but the whole idea is to not just state an end goal but also steps you intend to take to achieve them.

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I personally think we should stop confusing dreaming big with actually planning big. Yeah, big stuffs happen with little steps. So those tiny little steps (something as little as taking a morning jog each day) is an integral part of an wholistic life changing process. So yeah don’t just be specific with your goals be specific with how you intend to achieve them too.

Write it Down: Hand writing a question What Is Your Why

WRITE it down!!!

I have always been a fan of the “pen to paper” way of life but we’re in the digital age so yes our phones and other electronic devices can suffice. Our minds are said to be processing an amazingly large amount of data at any particular point in time (even as I write this 😀) so yeah we need aid.

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Now the importance of writing down ideas and plans serves as a simple reminder to actually help our minds articulate on these goals whenever we think about them. While some of us think writing is old school and for those whose minds are not “sharp”, permit me to say that even uncle Einstein was known for writing stuff and yes the sharpest of minds do forget too.

So why not pick up a pen and paper and write clearly those goals you intend to squash in this new year.


Yes, we have done well writing down carefully in specific terms what we intend to achieve come the new year but I beg to say that is not enough just yet.

While setting up my year planner for the year, I wrote and did some critical brainstorming and I found myself drifting into further realms 😁.

Oh well, I put some pretty pictures and images that did stir up some beautiful emotions and yes I connected them to what I had written. (Trust me, my “imagine-land” is somewhere you’d never want to leave).

I am not saying you should sit and fantasize all day about crazy stuff you have no plans of achieving but you’re just wishing on yourself.

I mean you should put some pictures and images to your plans and goals. Detailed images creates the scenario in your mind and makes it easy for your mind to relate with certain stuff when they happen in real life.

Look, your imaginative power is important, never down play it. 

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Put a TIME frame to your GOAL

Put a time to it: Smart watch at black male hand

Goal setting is good but not very efficient without appropriate timing. When we say, for example, I intend to buy a Benz in the year, it is important to also state which part of the year this particular goal is going to be smashed.

So basically, what time frames do is that it helps us to adequately measure our steps and tell us when we’re wasting too much time on a particular task or when we are being plain lazy.

Stating what you intend to achieve by the second week of May would put little excesses such as procrastination in check and quite frankly it helps to turn away those little distractions like social media and its likes.

Yes, timing is very important, and conscious use of time would help you achieve your goals earlier than initially planned. So yes, we are going to be deliberate as well as time conscious this new year.

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Well, so far we have walked through the path of simple goal smashing tips for the new year and we have stated four amazingly easy ways to achieve your goals for the New Year but all of these things would be useless if we don’t do this final thing.

We need to actually put actions to the words and thoughts we have come up with, if not they just remain words and thoughts. Remember we are aiming for physical results so the mental work we have done would have to be given a physical form by we doing stuff that would make these plans and ideas realities.

Execution is actually the reason why we actually had to go through all the stress of the mental work in the first place. So yes, we would take away those obstacles, not over process stuff and like Nike, “just do it!” 


Assessment: Development Performance Self-Improvement Ratings

How do you know if a child has finally learned something they have been taught? You run some form of assessment!!! Same with you and your goals. With so many things constantly dragging for our attention, it is easy to lose focus and get really distracted.

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It is important to periodically check out how well you’re doing in achieving your goals for the year and put yourself on track if need be.

Check out your progress report, adjust your strategies, up the ante improve on lifestyle habits, anything as far as it keeps you on the right track. Actually, this how we know how well we have fared or not. 

So here you have it, I know I said 5 but hey 6 is a bonus yeah, especially when it is really good stuff. If you want as much I want this year to be an amazing one for you, I’m sure these tips are definitely going to be quite handy.

Let’s get to work people!!! It’s the new year, let us make it count. Happy new year once again. 

by Ogochukwu Ejikeme


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