5 Reasons why New Year Resolutions FAIL

The “new year, new me” mantra is flying everywhere in the sky and it is wafted by so much energy you would even think a New year fairy cast a spell on people. Everyone seems to be ready for serious work with an “It’s this year or nothing” attitude. 

The whole idea of the new year resolution is the act of re-evaluating one’s life, checking progress and adding new actions to one’s routine in order to produce the desired result by the end of the year. In my opinion, this can be done anytime.

My yearly re-evaluation is mostly done on my birthday cause that’s when I really feel a sense of growth and I am not distracted by the many new year activities like parties, fasting and praying and all. 

Yet even with all the resolutions, we see little or no changes around us at the end of the year. You encounter someone after 5years and you wonder what went wrong.

Of course, his plan was so good, he had it all figured out and when you try discussing what the problem was, you get the line, “Am not competing with anyone. It’s not yet my time”. But this same person was shouting, “My time is now” January 1st, years back. Some also say, “Am waiting on Fate’s call” which is actually very disturbing especially if you are one who hates to feel you have no control over your life.

Some have actually gotten to the point where they have given up on making new plans. They go, “new year, new month, new day,  all are the same”, simply because they see no reason doing something that doesn’t change anything within and around them. It leaves us wondering where all the fire went.

We are looking at some people who don’t have their resolutions work out for them and what they could possibly be doing wrong. I classify them into 5 different teams. I call it the 5 possible resolution fail team. Ever wondered why the new year resolution thing doesn’t seem to work for you? You might just belong to one of these teams. 

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No action team

A number of people get to follow up with their plans. Little are even able to hold on to new habits through January, before going back to their old ways after the whole energy of the new year is gone. Sometimes the vibe doesn’t exceed the first week and they end up in a state, worse than before.

Most people here didn’t have a concrete reason, to begin with at first, as they were just going with the flow of the season. Others lose it due  lack of motivation. They have nothing to really give them the push they need. 

Wrong resolution team

These people got a problem with their plans and not themselves. Some of us set goals without properly disintegrating them. Some barely even look at them. The wrong resolution team just focus their minds on the outcome without considering action. They want to build mansions so bad without first laying down the little bricks.

The team don’t want to take the baby steps and so much despise the little beginning. This team is in such a hurry to fulfill their fantasy of flying without first crawling. It becomes too much to swallow, they choke on it and end up disappointed, shifting the plan aside when things ain’t working their way.

Overweight team

They dwell on past failures and have a great problem letting go. “it didn’t work last time. Am tired of giving me false hopes”, they say. They wallow in the pool of disappointment and pain, tired of having their heart broken.

So they just settle with whatever life throws at them at the moment instead of seeing the new year as a new opportunity to make things right.

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Repetitive team

They know they’ve got a perfect idea. It’s going to be the heat of the moment when it’s all done. But they are not getting the result they plan. Year after year, they hold on to their plan along with their treasured dream. It looks so beautiful and perfect that they can’t see anything even wrong with the plan.

So they keep doing the same thing all the time expecting a different result instead of changing strategy and seeking help in order to figure what’s wrong. They believe no one else understands their way. 

Lack of discipline team

This team is the head of all fail teams. They can have all the great plans, perfect structure, most beautiful ideas but without discipline, all is nothing. They have difficulties getting out of their comfort zone, breaking habits and sticking to plans. The dangers of indiscipline cannot be overemphasized. This reminds me of the story of Samuel Taylor Coleridge which I will love to share.

“Coleridge is the supreme tragedy of indiscipline. Never did so great a mind produce so little. Samuel left Cambridge University to join the army because he could not rub down a horse; he returned to Oxford and left without a degree. He began a paper called the Watchman, which lived for ten numbers and then died. It has been said of him, “he lost himself in visions of work to be done, that always remained to be done”.

Coleridge had every a gift but one, “the gift of sustained and concentrated effort cast In his hand and in his mind he had all kind of books, as he said himself, “completed save the transcription. I am on the even”, he says, “of sending to the press two octavo volumes”. But the books were never composed outside Coleridge’s mind because he would not face the discipline of sitting down to write them out.”

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No one ever reached an eminence and maintain it without discipline.

Now being aware of the possible factors preventing us from reaching our goal, we should now look forward to reevaluating our steps and having things done properly this year.

New year Resolution

A well written and simple resolution with consistency, a good motivation by the side, patience to see our dreams grow daily, step by step and prayers should help us achieve all we have set to do this year.

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We should not also forget the simple goals like health goals, relationship goals, wellbeing goals, fitness goals, spiritual goals etc. while making the big one. Have some “me” time this year. Make it a duty to spoil yourself occasionally. Take a break and go on vacation. Learn something new outside your work field.

Take care of you because you are the most important goal you have. MAKE TIME for your loved ones as well. They matter too. Then will we really have a beautiful end of the year and move forward to making new plans ahead.

May all our wishes this year come true. Happy new year.

By Spero Rebecca


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