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6 ways to make money without capital

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Can you make money without capital? Go outside now, this moment, ask the first person you meet if they have a business of their own. They do not? Ask them why and I’m 99 percent sure that they would say something along the lines of “Oh boy! Capital no dey”.

Truthfully, Capital is only one of the things needed to start a business. Basic secondary school economics lets us know that there are four factors of production. That is, there are four things required to keep the economy alive: Land, Capital, Labour, Entrepreneur

Let’s not go into details explaining all of these as it’s not important for the purpose of this post. While the definition of Capital might be wide, let’s limit it to cash needed to start a business for the purpose of this post.

We see that we might be able to start a business without a capital if we have the other stuff in place. How? Let’s explain.

If capital is cash needed to start a business, we can be creative enough to use the other factors to our advantage to produce capital. In other words, we can actually start a business without capital. Amazing right? Yes, I think it is too.

So quickly, let’s look at some of the ways we can make money¬†without capital:

Car Wash

Well, you can decide to get a huge space, endless supply of water and get a few additional hands to get a car wash business up and running, or you can start a mobile car wash business.

A lot of people own a car, few even have more than one. Making it easier for them to get it clean can, maybe not make you rich, but make you enough to party with friends every weekend, or just get you and your girlfriend cinema movie tickets anytime it’s needed, I am not saying that is what you need money for, I am just saying you can make money to invest in growth of the business, invest in other things and still “enjoy the life of your head” what more?

You do not need any more skill than knowing how to use water and soap to clean up dirt. All you may need to get is a good complimentary card and your mouth. Capish!

Script Writing

Did you know that the 2016 movie, Wedding Party, grossed up to N450 million? Did I hear someone scream? Yea there is money in Nollywood.

What makes a good Nigerian movie? Nope! Not when Omotola Jalade is showing off her jugs or when Rita Dominic is falling in love with Jim Iyke. What makes a good movie begins with a good movie script, and what makes a good movie script lies in having a wild imagination.

So if you can afford to do a little research, have a laptop you probably only use to watch latest releases and a few hours to spare daily, then maybe you can come up with a movie script to sell. These days movie screenplays go for an N100k to N1.5M, depending on how good your movie script is. It does not even take much to learn the art.

Thank me later!

Freelance Marketing

Every day, people buy and people sell, but here’s the funny thing: people never sell enough, neither do they buy enough.

Companies are in dire need of result-oriented marketers, and it’s better if these marketers are freelancers because they would be easier to maintain. You can make money without capital doing freelance marketing because you don’t need any capital to start it, all you need is “connect”.

So what are you waiting for if you are eloquent and can afford a swagger that would disarm any defense mechanism? Just call a few of your friends and start an ‘unofficial’ marketing agency. You might have to do a few free gigs initially to fill up your portfolio but eventually, the bucks would start rolling in.

Cleaning services

Things get dirty. Isn’t it painful that we have to keep clean? Aaaaarrrrrgh! What if we had someone to help us clean whatever we needed to clean?

I mean all we had to do is use them and get them dirty, and depart with some of our hard-earned cash. All you have to do is get a few friends and market your house cleaning services and voila! You are a business owner.

Errand Services

Having a personal assistant is very useful but what if I just need a p.a for just a few hours? You see, that’s where you come in.

Everyone seems to be busy these days and would definitely need an extra hand, or two in running their day-to-day affairs.

I think running this kind of service would pay off as busy people would now be able to mind their business, and have you mind their other business for just a token fee. So if you are detailed and organized, then this may be for you.

Now that you have realized that starting a business does not always need huge capital, be on your way and be an entrepreneur. You have all the luck you need.

Be aware, though, that starting this sort of business may require little or no capital, they would need hard work and consistency.

This article “ways to make money without capital” can help open your imagination, I hope it does.


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