7 Reasons Why Being Thin is Awesome

However, being thin isn’t a disease. As a matter of fact, being thin is awesome! Yes, to the slim ones reading this, you are not sick for looking this way. No, you are not! I’d be revealing in this article. Start loving your look because it carries some wonders. I’ve compiled for you seven reasons why being thin is awesome!

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You always look attractive

Regardless of what thin folks wear based on the colors that suit them, they always appear attractive – at work, sports, red carpet, restaurants, anywhere! Perhaps you just might not like the thin looks, trust me, many have seen you walked by and wished they had the looks you’ve got.

Being thin is fitting

Yeah. You have no worries of clothes or shoes not fitting you. Walking into a boutique to shop for clothes is a relieve for slim baes – like an installed application, most clothes just fit you perfectly! You sit on seats comfortably and confidently.

Nothing becomes odd

You lift heavy things easily up and down the stairs – the activity regulating more blood into your body system. Swimming wouldn’t be a difficult task even if you’re learning for the first time. Trekking long distances wouldn’t shorten your breathing space. Running! You’d find it easy to lift those feet of yours to cover any distance.

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No fear of calories

You wouldn’t need to worry about burning calories. Considering the fact that you eat fewer junk foods and take activities that break down calories naturally.

Builds likability by default

Being slim creates this natural aura that attracts you to people around you. Thin ladies attracts some men at first sight, While some men prefer plus sized women. They attract others at parties as they look younger and beautiful. And at unisexual sports like to mention a few; slim females participate in football, swimming, basketball, surfing and long jumps and have helped to maintain the status quo for being thin.

Career Doors fling open

Oh dear! While you might have bitten yourself for being thin, some have experienced rejection for being overweight to take a role in an acting debut or modeling streak. Being a model requires a perfect body -slim’ with beautiful long legs to catwalk the aisle for glamorous display of wears! Some Hollywood actresses had at one point in time gone through the slimming process even starving just to fit into a role. You don’t need any of this stress to be a model or actress based on the role to play. So as a slim bae and you probably are wondering what to do with your look, you can give modeling or acting a chance to push you up the ladder where your looks pay you!

Very happy young african american woman

Longevity of life

Nothing is as peaceful and refreshing as the state of being healthy and in good shape. Being thin prolongs a healthy life. When maintained, it keeps the mind and body younger. Hollywood actress, Denise Richards, mother of three kids already looks ever young in her thin look. Lots of people want to achieve the “older” age but a “younger” appearance.

By Blessing Thaddeus


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