Android Phones and iPhones iOS?

Which is better? Android Phones and iPhones iOS. The need to make things easier, be connected and communicate with each other has always been the driving factor for the development of new technology.

This need drove a Scottish immigrant named Alexander Graham, to create the first device to be recognized as the telephone.

Over the years, a lot of individuals have further developed the telephone and tried to make communication fast and better. Telephones then transitioned to cellular mobile phones.

Over time, the first device that could be regarded as a smartphone was developed in 1992. Technology has improved and smartphones became prominent. In the early 2000s, mobile phones became an integral part of people’s lives.

People relied on them to make calls, send messages, set reminders and other simple things. Personal computers and laptops shouldered the responsibility for heavy tasks like surfing the internet, sending emails, making video calls, typing documents and other hosts of things.

It all advanced and different companies started to develop smartphones that could do more than receive calls and send messages. The blackberry became extremely popular in the late 2000s.

Though the blackberry was quite expensive, people were ready to do almost anything to own a blackberry. Apple released the iPhone which was based on the iOS operating system.

The iPhone was quite expensive at the time and it was not really popular in the African market. In September 2008, the first Android phone which was named the HTC Dream was released by HTC.

The Android OS was originally developed by Android Inc., but it was sold to Google and Google developed it further. The Android OS was not widely accepted at the time but it started to dominate the smartphone market in 2010.

Blackberry faded and the smartphone market was dominated by Android Phones and iPhones iOS. There has been a silent war between the two operating systems. The Android operating system is widely used by a lot of companies.

Companies like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Infinix, Tecno etc. developed phones that were based on the android operating system while the iOS was exclusive to the iPhone.

I am not going to state which is better but I will be comparing both phones based on a number of parameters. I’ll try not to be biased but I’m an android fan.


Generally, the android is more flexible than the iOS. On the android, you have the room to customize and tweak the features of the phone.

If you don’t like the keyboard layout, you can easily download another one from the google play store and if you don’t like the way the interface looks, all you have to do is download a new launcher.

This gives you plenty of room to experiment and get creative. On the iOS, things are simpler and straightforward. Everything is basic and the interface is user-friendly and easy to use.

The level of flexibility is awesome so users don’t have to worry about picking launchers or changing keyboards layout. Basically, Apple likes to make their device as user-friendly as possible. Flexibility can both be an advantage or disadvantage.


Numerous companies develop their devices based on the Android OS while the iOS can only be found on the iPhone. You have a wide range of choices to pick from when it comes to android phones.

Companies produce phones that vary in size, design, features, and quality. You don’t have that quality of choice when it comes to iPhones. All you have to do is pick the model you want.

In a way, this gives the iPhone an advantage as quality can be regulated but with the number of choices available for android phones, you can easily pick a brand that is budget friendly. Although the restricted choice makes things tricky on the iPhone, it is an added advantage as it reduces the stress and of customers getting confused when searching for a phone to buy.

Compatibility with other devices

One of the major challenges in using the iPhone is that the iOS is a proprietary closed system. This sounds like a big word but it’s not. This means that the iPhone has restrictions when it comes to sharing and downloading of files with other devices outside the iOS like android devices.

In a situation you quickly want to collect a file from your friend, this might be a challenge. Most users of the iPhone have to buy devices that are based on the Apple iOS so as to get the full benefits of their device.

Also, the USB port for iPhones is unique and not common. Unless you go around with your USB chord, sharing files might pose difficult.

On the other hand, the Android OS is an open source system. Collecting a file or sending a file to your friend won’t be an issue at all.

Android phones give complete freedom as you can download and collect files from anyone. Sharing is super easy and convenient.

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This is one of the major selling points of the iPhone. Due to the closed system of the iOS, the privacy and security level is quite high. Android OS is an open system and this makes it vulnerable.

There have been many cases of iPhone users getting their phones back due to the level of security on it whereas once an android phone is stolen, it is difficult getting the phone back.


A lot of android phones have internal storage and provide slots for an external memory card, iPhones don’t allow expansion of internal storage as they do not have memory card slots.


Generally, the iPhones are expensive as the quality of materials used are top notch. Prices are also fixed for the iPhone. Android phones are produced by different brands, therefore, quality is based on the phone company and price range varies for different companies.

An android phone can be gotten at a really low rate. There is no new iPhone that will sell as low as that price as even the old ones are still a little bit pricey.

App store, resale value and Updates

Apple scrutinizes applications before putting them on their platform and this makes it difficult for just any application to make it to the iPhone.

Also, some applications are quite expensive on the apple store. The Google play store is quite the opposite as there are restrictions but its easier to place apps on it. This is a way of encouraging app developers as their apps can be tested and sampled by different users.

As regards resale value, iPhones have better resale values than android phones. Some iPhone models have resale values that can buy a new android phone.

Apple releases updates faster to the iPhone users. Android phone makers take a while before releasing the updated OS. As of this moment, I am yet to receive the Android Pie update on my android and the Android Pie was released in August 2018.

Android Phones and iPhones

in Conclusion, Android Phones and iPhones are both great smartphones with different specifications. Personally, I think it’s not a matter of superiority but of preference. Different strokes for different folks.

If by chance you want to get a new smartphone please read through carefully and also leave a comment down below if this was helpful or if you want to contribute.


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