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Black Panther and other Top 5 Favourite Movies

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I love good stories, Don’t we all?  Black Panther is the first among the rest. I also love a good story that is reflected with a good picture.

Today, we shall be discussing movies, and i would like to present to you guys, my top 6 favourite movies of all time and without further ado, drum roll please, lets get the show started:

Black Panther:

Starting the list with the highest grossing movie of 2018 and for now the 18th highest grossing movie of all time.

Black Panther is based on an original Marvel comics of the same name, and even though I never really read the comic, I must confess that this movie would blow your mind.

I only watched it because it seemed like the spirits of Wakanda were apparently haunting me; everywhere I turned, someone was either talking about Black Panther, T,Challa or Wakanda.

I saw the movie eventually and it hurt me that i would never get that feeling of seeing an amazing film for the first time.

I love this movie because it seems Marvel Pictures put a lot of thought into it. Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther made his first appearance as the super hero in 2014 in the Marvel film, Captain America and since then, there has been a consistency.

Also, the movie empowers women in a very unconventional way. Women are strengthened and encouraged to be determined and even though they lack the physical strength that men have, they are supported to still have strength of character.

In this movie, we see women who are physically stronger than men. Women can be physically stronger than men. I believe so.

The third reason I love this movie is because it celebrates Blacks as a race. Although Wakanda is a fictional East African country, we see the attempt to elevate African culture so much that Wakanda, although poses as a third world country, is really an advanced society.

James Cameron’s “Avatar”:

This movie, released in 2009 is fascinating because it is both an epic and science fiction. You would hardly come across a movie that discusses the future in epic style, and no I am not referring to Kenneth Okonkwo wearing dried leaves as if its Givenchy.

Director James Cameron really made an impression on me with this one. Avatar is a love story between, wait for it, a human and an alien. Who knew aliens are actually capable of love?!

Set in 2154, the plot takes us through worlds literarily as humans, having used up Earth’s natural resources, end up on Pandora, a far-away habitable moon.

We have not even discovered other habitable planets and James is already telling stories about habitable moons. Oh well…

I love this movie because of the imagination it inspires: wild imagination.

Everybody loves a love story especially when its between Ramsey Noah and Genevieve Nnaji but when a human falls in love with a 10-foot tall humanoid called Neytiri, the story becomes both fascinating and seriously engaging.


Yhup, James Cameron has my heart. Everybody loves Titanic right? Okay may be Adolf Hitler would not but we got to confess, love stories are loveable.

Titanic is a 1997 movie directed by James Cameron. It is almost a tragedy that has a happy ending. Even though Jack, the hero of the story, dies, he lives on through Rose’ memories.

She is happy to have ever met and loved him. Awwww ww!

Another reason I love this movie is because it portrays love between social class. It may seem like its not a big deal now, but in those days it was easier for a poor man to lick his elbow than to successfully fall in love with a rich woman.

Seems James Cameron is fascinated about loving across boundaries, whether it be cultural or intergalactic.


Split is a 2016 thriller starring James Mcavoy. Remember Professor Xavier from Marvel’s Xmen? Well, he has come back to star in this amazing movie and he stars at least four times.

Split is a movie that draws attention towards Multiple Personality Disorder where an individual has split personalities. James plays the part of Barry, Dennis, Patricia, Jade and nine-year old Hedgewig; all split alters of Kelvin.

He has 23 personalities. Don’t be shocked! There are real life cases of a 100 personalities in one single body. In the movie, Kevin’s last alter is not even a human being. Weird right? I thought so too.

I love this movie not just because it discusses multiple personality disorder, a subject I have keen interest in, but because it shows the power of the human belief system.

Kevin’s last alter just refuses to die even after being shot twice. Guys, please see this movie.


Yes Moana makes my list of my five best movies. According to Wikipedia, Moana is an American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy adventure film.

Don’t be confused with the long dramatic description, this movie is far from boring. And yeees! Dwayne Johnson is featured in this movie. What else does a movie need?

I love this motion picture not only because its set in one of the Polynesian islands but also that Walt Disney found a way to empower women, and its a very very funny way too.

Beauty and The Beast:

Yaaay! Beauty and the Beast is absolutely lovely. If you are a 90s child, then you already know why this film is fascinating and engaging.

This 2017 movie is an almost identical adaptation of a 1991 animation of the same title.

Why do I love this movie? Well first, I love love. Who does not? Durr! Second, it is a perfect blend of music and romance, and third? It gives us, 90s babies, a nostalgic feeling.

So these are my top 6 favourite movies of all time. Do take time out to see them so I can know your thoughts. Chao!

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