Bleeding Corpse: Guard your Pants Now

Guard your Pants Now is an advice for the new generation and that frightens so many of us these days.

Beatrice quietly opened the door to check on Joyce, her daughter. She stayed a while watching her eat her first sausage roll. Much joy filled her heart as she saw her excitement.

It was the regular sausage roll everyone knew but this felt like pizza to little Joyce.

Based on a true story.

She has asked her to get the usual “puff-puff” when returning. Beatrice wished she could give her child, if not the beautiful but the normal things of life a child could get. But that normal was far beyond her reach.

She could barely get two square meals a day for just the two of them. She was grateful for the girl’s low appetite and big stature. Two sachet of coaster biscuit and one cup of water was enough breakfast for her.

Two sachet of coaster biscuit and one cup of water was enough breakfast for her.

She hardly even worr about herself, she could always get through. Of course, she had a job, one that gave her time to take care of her child.

The big paying job didn’t want to employ a nursing mother or adjust her closing time so she could go pick up her daughter Joyce from school, to coach her at home.

She had to just keep up with this though it wasn’t enough to cover the rent, school fees, and every bill because her child was her top priority. She had relatives too but they all had their problems.

Bleeding Corpse: Guard your Pants Now - Woman with child

They have tried the way they can. Disappointing the high dreams they had for her was enough already. She returned back to her food in the kitchen. Being among the neighbors preparing Christmas stew was a miracle.

She could never afford it if not Johnson, her ex-lover back in the village who she bumped into 2days ago. They had lost touch when he left to stay with his uncle in the city.

He promised to return but she left the village before he could, or so she thought. Now he is here to love her and more interesting is the fact that he is accepting her child.

He promised to love her like his, considering the fact that she was with him when he was wretched. He didn’t have much but a man in the house would help and save her daughter from hunger pangs.

No love for him anymore and felt uneasy about him. She was doing everything for Joyce, she kept assuring herself.

Buying a single outfit for herself from the money Johnson gave her was outrageous, after a dirty act filled with no pleasure and only guilt. The rest of the money would go to Joyce school fees.

This story is not an example of guard your pants now but the opposite, what may happen if you don’t, no matter how it may seem you are in so much trouble and you need plenty help, I don’t think you need to do some things for money.

There is a story on Vanguard about how some people steal pants

Well, A hand held her from behind. She knew it was Joyce, she could never miss her daughter’s touch.

So happy she finally got the Christmas cloth every kid in the neighborhood has been talking about and displaying.

“Mommy, I want to wear my cloth”, she said with many smiles on her face Beatrice had to fight her tears back in. Gosh, she will do anything to keep that face ever that way and make it wider even if it meant going back to Johnson.

Bleeding Corpse: Guard your Pants Now - Close up portrait of couple in love together at home

That smile cleared all her guilt. “You will wear it after bathing”. She told Joyce. “Ok, come and bathe me. Come and bathe me now”, Joyce insisted.

Beatrice stood up to attend to her baby’s wish. She had barely taken three steps when she fell hard on the floor. “Mummy Joyce, Mummy Joyce”, the neighbors called, but she gave no reply. She just laid on the floor, stiff.

Fear gripped Joyce. She couldn’t utter a word. Neighbors gathered around her soon. The strong men lifted her up and rushed her to the hospital.

“She is long dead”, the doctor said. Wails filled the air and the neighbors shaking their heads over the loss of Beatrice. “But why?”, some kept asking some invisible creature only them could see up the roof.

Beatrice parents later showed up at the news of their daughter’s demise while the neighbors left them to shoulder the responsibility of their late daughter’s issue while they left for their respective homes.

Beatrice parents went to inquire the cause of the death from the doctor. “Your daughter was fine and nothing seemed to be wrong with her from the tests we have carried out.

This is also very strange to me I must say”. “Doctor, doctor”, the mortuary attendant shouted. The doctor went into the room where the voice came from.

Beatrice bed was soaked in blood that kept gushing from her mouth and nose. The doctor called his colleagues so they could confirm her death again. He was shocked as the heart had stopped pumping blood about 9 hours ago.

A bleeding corpse is contrary to every law of science. Beatrice’s parents were called upon to take the body away. “The hospital doesn’t accommodate any form of sorcery”, he said.

They arranged for their daughter to be taken to another morgue but after many reoccurring cases of returning the body, they decided to take her to the village for burial. And so was her body laid to rest.

Three months later, news arrived in the village that Johnson had returned and is now very rich. Everyone went to see him especially the big car they claimed he came with.

There was much celebration in his compound and many of them left with one or two “Lagos gift”. His old friends stayed back to enjoy some palm wine and hear about the big city life.

Later that night, when all but one of the boys were gone. Johnson being very drunk now, begin to brag about how he got his wealth by simply having intercourse to Wilson. “Oh. So a sugar mummy got you all these”, Wilson said. “No, not sugar mummy. There was no sugar connection at all.

It wasn’t even sweet”. “What wasn’t sweet?” “The mixture I took before sleeping with her” “Before sleeping with who” “Beatrice my former girl”.

He explained how a native doctor has him a concoction to drink before having intercourse with a lady, in a shrine he visited while seeking for wealth. Tears fell from his eyes as he narrated the story. “Why are you crying?”, Wilson asked. “I wasn’t told she or anyone would die”. He replied.

The next day, the news of how Johnson got his wealth through rituals was flying all around. Johnson became very scared. Running away would only raise a red flag and confirm his guilt.

He decided to stay and deny whatever allegation brought before him. Fortunately for him, he got none. Everyone blamed poor Beatrice instead and accused her of being a prostitute.

Bleeding Corpse: Guard your Pants Now - Sensual couple

“All those girls that follow men for money, such will be their fate. I hear that is how they use girls to get Benz in the city”. A man even told his son,  “my child, go to the city and gather pants”.

“Use those greedy girls without home training, those that love money and make us rich”. Beatrice parents soon left the village due to shame. They also had to live for Joyce.

The innocent child was beginning to experience discrimination from other children in the neighborhood. But they pinned a note to their door before leaving, hoping someone sees it. The note reads…

An internet fraud is giving much praise for his intelligence in causing people pain

He is showered extra love when he adds to his sin by killing innocent souls to increase the venom he spreads on earth

Much pain he is to the people he defrauded of their money

More pain he is to the families of those whose life he took

A poor prostitute just does her buying and selling business

She causes no one any harm and just minds her business

Yet everyone treats her like an outcast

And rejoices at her downfall

My daughter was no prostitute. Her only crime was trusting an old friend

May God settle this case and let it be unto you all as it was to me.

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Spero Rebecca


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