Chronicles of Life Tenants, Story About You or Life

First off, chronicles of life tenants are about you and you need to be warned that this journey is going to be a very long one. And just before you go on with me, I would like to start with a short story of my life.

This story or chronicle is a very true one. And even if you end up not believing it, please finish it, because we are all life tenants and every chronicles I would share, even after this one would be strictly inspired by our landlord – Life.

One day, just in one day, I met a man. We had met a couple of times before that time, but that day was yet to be a very special day to meet him again, in a different phase of himself.

I met him that day with a couple of other teammates. That day, I was slightly late to the meeting, maybe just a couple of minutes. In short, I was late sha.

A lot of them came later though, but before then, an argument had ensued between the man and I.

Prior to my coming, being the first time we are all meeting the man outside of where we had normally met, the man had asked everyone else in the room what they had been doing lately about the skills or talents they each possess.

Everyone had their turns and just when the last person was concluding her talks; I entered, greeted the man and everyone else in the room, and moved my butt to a seat nearby.

“So, Micaiah, what have you been up to lately?” he hit me with the question all of a sudden.

I was unprepared; yet, I started off with mentioning how I run a personal blog filled with fine literary experiences and all.

After a lot of blabbing, I stopped talking and they all seemed unsatisfied by my response.

The man hit me with another question, “tell me about the last literary experience you shared on your blog.” The man said inquisitively.

It did take a while to start off with something after thinking too deeply about what interesting post I had had on the blog lately.

Finally, I started talking about how I had started an argument over life choices with a friend some days back.

I never agreed with her that the choices we make in life, every single day, cannot always be made by us (tenants).

I don’t believe that some of our life choices are strictly monitored and totally decided by life (our landlord).

Also, I spoke with too much passion and it could be seen as I spoke on how deeply attached I was to that thought.

“What choice do these people have?” the man was about starting. “A woman had just had her children, 2 boys and a girl, for the Christmas break.” He continued.

“These children school abroad and it was time for them to return to school” and of course they had to fly back. “She escorted them to the airport having packed all the necessary loads to be taken by these kids to school”

I did not even understand where the conversation was going.

“She watched the kids go into the airplane while waving them goodbye with joyous teary eyes” the kids must have waved back reluctantly as per normal thing to do.

“The woman even waited to see the plane fly into the sky” the man was even more passionate about his narration now.

She must have been thinking of how much she would have to miss having the kids around until the next holiday. I listened on, and so did the rest of us; the ones I had met inside the room and the ones that had joined us after I walked in.

“And just as the woman watched the plane flew up the skies,” I guessed her face should be fading off by now. “She watched it turn back down and boom, there was a plane crash with her lovely children inside it.”

I was just as surprised as everyone else in the room. The man looked at my confused face and I cannot answer the question written all over his face.

“Now, tell me, what choice does the woman or her children have?” I could not believe he still had to ask me that question. Of course, they had no choice.

“One might even argue the reason they are being sent abroad to school?” he continued mysteriously. “Maybe, some would say, aren’t there enough schools in Nigeria to meet any expectations they want?” That could be a choice, I thought.

“See Micaiah,” He said. “No matter how carefully you think you can be about life,” we were extremely calm. “There are just some things you can never avoid or make a personal choice about.”

And that summed it up for me. Life is a landlord and we are its tenants. And just like tenants relate with their landlords in real life, so we are relating with life itself.

We end up making some choices about life by ourselves and sometimes, life makes choices for us, and most of the time, they end up being the most critical ones.

I am One Micaiah, and I just want to write something impactful.

by One Micaiah


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