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Coping with Shock and Distress

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In life, we are not certain about a lot of things but one thing we are most certain about is that we would not receive only good news all through our lives. Strong people are not defined by how big their biceps are but how well they can handle receiving bad news, so it shows that coping with shock and distress takes will and inner strength. Still, the fight-or-flight responses that come after receiving a shock is pretty difficult to deal with, and if care is not taken, can make us take actions that we may regret in both short and long run.

So how then do we handle these type of news? Below are some tips that would definitely help us in coping with shock and distress:

Live In the Moment

Whether it is rejection from your spouse or from work, the first thing to do when just handed a bad news is to relax and live in the moment. Experts do not say “Breathe” for nothing. It is normal for the mind to race off, imagine worst-case scenarios and exaggerate the effect of what has just happened. It is important to realize at that moment that worrying would only do more harm than good. BREATHE. Realize that nothing you do would change what has already happened. Remain calm and stay in the moment.

Detach From the News

Isolating yourself from the shock can be quite helpful. We would realize that the reason we worry ourselves into a stupor is that we take things too personally. Separate yourself. A personal exercise I normally engage in is to imagine that the bad stuff just happened to someone else. What would I advise them to do? Now, this may not be your thing but find a way to remove yourself from the situation, mentally or just don’t be there, don’t listen, don’t see and that can be a way of coping with shock and distress.

Think of How You Have Handled Such Situations Before

Yes, I did say that you should stay in the moment, but it also important to evaluate the past. Think of ways that you have overcome such challenges in the past, and try to duplicate them. You have never come across such a challenge before? Not to worry. I am sure somebody else has. Find a trusted person you can talk to,  or just read about it. Somebody somewhere has a solution for you.

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Refuse To Be A Victim

Most people, when they face challenges, like to play victims. Truth? It does feel good to receive attention from people when they feel like you are victimized. However, it does more harm than good. You would never get over that problem. And even if you do, you would probably be attracting more problems to yourself. The best way is to assume an active position. Everybody goes through one challenge or the other. It is not a big deal really. In fact, think of it as a game that improves your creativity and problem-solving skills, and then arise to the challenge.

Do Not Be Alone

I understand some people like to be the lone wolf but being alone does not help us solve problems. Do not be ashamed to ask for help. In fact, it might be that the problem would help you know how to relate more to people and ask for their help. Nobody really makes it on their own. Society only develops more through the constant network of its members, so do not be too anxious to seek help.

Bad news often comes when no one expects. I mean no one really sits and waits for bad stuff to happen, and NO I am not hoping it does happen. However, a popular rapper, Jay Z, once said: “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!”. If you buy Jay-Z’s philosophy, then this tips would really be of help in coping with shock and distress.



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