Soundcity Awards, Does Peruzzi Have A Right To Be Angry

That was a tweet by Peruzzi on the aftermath of the soundcity awards. He was visibly angry about losing the sound City MVP award to Teni Makanaki for “best new act”

Does Peruzzi Have A Right To Be Angry : Peruzzi Tweet
Peruzzi Tweet

After seeing the list of nominees, most people already knew it was going to be a two horse race between Peruzzi of DMW and Teni of Dr. Dolor Entertainment with more people leaning towards the latter as seen in opinion polls conducted on Twitter.

Since most people thought Teni deserved to win the soundcity award, why was Peruzzi mad when he eventually lost? Was he right to be mad?

I highlight some reasons why I think Peruzzi should be mad at no one but himself for losing out on the soundcity recognition .

He had a stronger backing

Backed heavily by Chioma’s boo, Davido, Peruzzi already had a big enough platform, all he needed was to build upon it.

With Davido, a music heavyweight himself as his boss, and successful protege Mayorkun as his egbon, Peruzzi had been handed a very rare opportunity to blossom in the music industry. 

Having people who have almost “seen it all” and already know the inner workings of the industry behind him, all he had to do was learn from them and avoid some mistakes that they made at the early stages of their careers.

On the other hand, Teni is the Marquee signing of relatively new label Dr. Dolor Entertainment.

Although she has her sister Niniola as a guide, her record label has no established musicians she can learn from.

He is signed to one of the biggest record labels in the country

Upon inking his signature on those dotted lines in Dubai back in 2017, Peruzzi, at that time, had become the latest signing of Davido’s “Davido Music Worldwide” label.

With signees like Mayorkun, Dremo, Fresh, DJ Ecool and Ichaba, DMW can stake a claim as arguably the biggest record label in the country.

Teni, on the other hand, is signed to Dr. Dolor Entertainment, a relatively new and emerging record label in Nigeria with no track record before now.

Soundcity Awards -Peruzzi, Davido, Teni
Peruzzi, Davido, Teni

A close look at the music industry in Nigeria shows that the importance of record labels cannot be overestimated.

Financial backing

DMW, also known as “30billion gang” or “30BG” is owned by Davido, the millionaire son of multimillionaire Adedeji Adeleke, hence, the abundance of funds.

Peruzzi, apart from having the platform and the backing off a big record label, also had the financial backing that any Young Nigerian artist would dream of.

He enjoys the privileges that come with being a member of the 30billion gang like access to some of the best producers and video directors in the game.

With the services of in-house producers Kiddominant, Shizzi and Fresh readily available for him.

Too many features

Peruzzi was definitely one of the most featured artists of 2018. There was a new Peruzzi feature song almost every month, from 2baba to Davido and Larry Gaga.

He put in all his energy and creativity into these features and that established him as a very good feature artist, a title his record boss used to hold some years ago.

Almost every artist was on a song with him.  You’ve written half of your song and can’t manage to finish it up; Peruzzi is here for you. You’ve recorded your song completely but there’s still an extra one minute if the beat left; Peruzzi is here for you.

You need a different kind of sound on your track; Peruzzi is here for you.

No hit singles

Even though he featured brilliantly on a lot of songs, Peruzzi was unable to convert the brilliance from his features to his singles.

He dropped a couple of singles during the year, none of which was able to hit the heights required to be certified as a “potential hit” talkless of an actual hit.

Many have already concluded that he is unable to hold a track down by himself and that he is better as a bit-part player than a solo artist.

Singles, not collaborations are what an artist uses to prove his mettle and put himself/ herself out there as one of the best.

Collaborations are very important as they enable a creative to explore his creativity, singles are what he uses to stake his claim and put out his argument.

Teni, on the other hand dropped single after single all year round, some becoming hits and others just falling short.

Soundcity Awards - Teni
Teni Makanaki

Music analysts and experts often suggest that an artiste should fully master working on his own before jumping into the world of collaborations.

This is a tested technique as it has worked for established artists like Lizz Daniel and Niniola who happens to be an elder sister to Teni The Entertainer or Teni Makanaki as she is also called by her growing number of fans.

Same style/sound

Some of Peruzzi’s critics often state that the DMW artist has the same style/sound and go on to say that this has become boring and monotonous as it has been heard too many times already.

They go to the extent of questioning the artiste’s versatility. Looking at it from an unbiased point of view, it’s easy to see that their points are not far-fetched and are very true to a very large extent.

Peruzzi often bursts into his songs with this insert-withdraw style where he increases his pitch and reduces it all of a sudden. He does this throughout the song.

Imagine an out-of-fuel generator with a pretty good voice, that’s exactly how he sounds; the up-down alternating pitch, that’s Peruzzi.

Involvement in scandals

People like to say that “no publicity is bad publicity”, but for a new artist, bad publicity can be very dangerous, it could make or mar his/her chances of success in the industry.

Still in the early stages of his career, Peruzzi has already been involved in controversy. From record label controversy, to the recently leaked after-sex clip with an a popular Unilag big babe.

Scandals like these usually make the fans and the public view the artist to be distracted or caught up in the world of Fame and money and cannot control their actions as a result.

It’s always better for artist to maintain a clean slate until they’re established at least.

Soundcity Awards - Peruzzi

Apparent lack of independence

A lot of people see Peruzzi as an artist that lacks independence. They think that he relies too much on the success and track record of his label and label mates, therefore, allowing a margin for error and a carefree attitude.

While I can’t really say whether this is true or not, I can understand their argument.

Peruzzi releases group collaborations with his label mates and isn’t doing very much on his own, whether that shows a lack of independence I cannot say.


Peruzzi needs to go to the drawing board and correct his mistakes from last year in order to get the soundcity awards and recognition he desires.

Blessed with undisputed talent, all that’s left is for Peruzzi to compliment that with hard work in order to establish himself not only as a “collaboration king”, but as an artist to watch out for.

By Abdulhaqq Omoyele.



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