Epic Games acquires Megascans creator Quixel

Epic Games acquires Megascans creator Quixel

Epic Games has announced the acquisition of development asset and toolset creator Quixel.

Quixel Megascans, a library of over 10,000 2D and 3D photogrammetry assets, will become free for all Unreal Engine developers at a yet-to-be-determined date following the completion of the acquisition.

Toolsets Bridge and Mixer will also become free to everyone at the same time. Ahead of this, ten Megascans asset packs are available for free beginning today on the Unreal Marketplace.

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The chief product of Quixel is its Megascans library of real-world visual assets, plus accompanying tools dubbed Bridge and Mixer.

The big news for Unreal Engine 4 users going forward is that “the Megascans library is now completely free for use with Unreal Engine”. 

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That means free unlimited, and instant access to all of Megascans through Bridge and Mixer, and a wealth of Megascans packs on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Today, ten Megascans packs are available for free with more scheduled for availability when UE 4.24 is released.

Additionally, Quixel’s 100+ employees will join Epic Games, with its primary operations center remaining at its current location in Sweden.

“Building photorealistic 3D content is an expensive endeavor in game development and film production,” said Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney.

“By coming together with Quixel to make Megascans free for all use in Unreal Engine, this level of artistry is now available to everyone from triple-A studios to indies.”


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