Experiencing the new Tech Trends

Experiencing the new Tech Trends in the world today

Last year might have been the year where there were a lot of innovations in the tech space but this year is definitely going to be the year a lot of these technologies come into full play and extend their potentials.

With the past year seeing many uses of AI, we can say the best is yet to be seen from what artificial intelligence could offer.

Here are some of the trends we would be looking out for in the new year.


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It’s no longer news that the world today has people wanting to get things at an even greater speed than before, therefore broadband internet has seen drastic changes over the years.

With a lot of trials and talks about faster and better internet, this year might just be the year of 5G finally coming out to the commercial markets.

With a proposed merger between Verizon and AT&T, and companies serious jostling to make a ‘first to the market’ claims for the new wireless technology it seems the year is finally the year to see 5G being rolled out.

Then the issue of 5G compatible devices is not so much of a question to bother about as 5G smartphones are going to be taking over this new year, with many of the biggest names in the business already confirming 5G-ready handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei P30, and OnePlus 7 are scheduled for launch this year.

Speaking at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Technology Summit in Hawaii in early December 2018, Christiano Amon stated that:

White cyborg hand on blurred background
5G – Cyborg

“By the holidays next year, every flagship handset – at least when it comes to those running Google’s Android software and using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor – will tap into 5G.”

However, Apple won’t be releasing a 5G phone till next year.5G going commercial is great but not so much for Nigerian subscribers as we would have to wait for another year.

The umbrella body of the Global System for Mobile communications companies, GSM Association, GSMA  at a meeting with NCC highlighted modalities that would help the country achieve a robust 5G platform.


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chat bot concept

We did see last year as the year where the banking industry did take on AI banking using chatbots, well this year it’s about to get even broader. 

As other industries such as health and insurance sectors are venturing into this technology, it uses are also broadening into marketing, customer care services, transportation, customer feedback, and data collation.

This year would definitely see more companies venturing into the technology and other applications other than banking would be seen for the chatbots. One could say the bots are definitely here to stay!

Data collation and security

Experiencing the new Tech Trends - online curation media concept. electronic newspaper
Data Collation

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal was one that rocked the global scenes for a long time and definitely did take its toll on the social media giant.

This year, companies are seeing the importance of data and data analytics so a lot would be done in data collation.

Data definitely impacts the way business is done and companies are becoming more aware of the need to understand customer needs to study customer behaviors.

“All this consumer data, analyzed by AI, will at least enable firms to personalize their services”, argues Nigel Vaz, international chief executive of digital transformation agency Publicis. Sapient.

As much as data collation is going to be a thing this year, this year we would be seeing a lot of companies being held accountable to ethical conducts of how this data is used.

According to Ojas Rege, chief strategy officer at MobileIron, a mobile security company, “While data – how it is produced, stored, analyzed and applied – is the key theme for the new year, developing technologies, such as voice control, superfast 5G mobile and connected cars, will gather pace through the year.

But these will only emphasize further how vulnerable our data is and how much harder we need to work to protect, own and value it”. (culled from bbc.co.uk)

Augmented Reality

Experiencing the New Tech Trends - deadline, augmented reality and technology concept
Augmented reality and technology concept

So this year we are looking at AR/VR taking a turn into broader applications.

Away from just using the VR headsets for gaming and simulations in the defense sector, the new year is looking at AR/VR being used in companies for employee training.

“This year, we’ll see widespread preliminary projects across the simulation industry attempting to leverage emerging AR/VR/MR technology for all types of training,” John Burwell, VP of Biz Dev at BISim, a simulation company working in defense, told me via email.

“Target benefits are substantially lower costs, higher fidelity solutions which are more compelling for trainees, and portability to provide training at the point of need.”

Well, these are the trends we would be expecting for the new year and hopefully, we make the best use of them.

by Ogochukwu Ejikeme


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