Four Simple Tips on How to Be Recession Rich

Well, there are so many tips on how to be recession rich. We will be talking about Four Simple Tips on How to Be Recession Rich, stay glued to this.

Recession rich is a phrase that is used to describe someone who, despite prevailing recession, has managed to live comfortably.

In fact has been able to maintain a good living standard when everyone else is bothered about financial conditions.

It’s true that the recession is receding, but then I’m sure that there are a lot of people still concerned about their living situations as it concerns financial responsibilities.

How then do you live above this concern, even when it seems that your head too might burst with worry?

Here are Four Simple Tips on How to Be Recession Rich.

Ditch the Certificate

I know…I know. This is almost impossible.

After struggling for years to get a school degree and even Masters on top, you do not think you can let all that years waste just like that.

Please let’s not be overly emotional. No one is saying that your school years is wasted, all I am saying is that everything that you really learn in school is hardly represented in that certificate.

Besides if we are mostly truthful, the only purpose of that ‘kpali’ is to massage your ego.

Look around you and you would realise that the society is evolving into a more skill-oriented system, and everyone is looking for people who can use their hands. this is one tip on how to be recession rich that looks so hard but true.

Nobody cares anymore about how much grades you bagged in school and relevant companies would happily ditch a first class student to a more skilled person who never saw the four walls of a school.

In fact, Bank of America, Google, Hilton and IBM are all known for employing non graduates who have shown exceptional skills.

Ditch the Government

No, I do not mean you should be a societal rebel but everyone within the Nigerian society is used to blaming the government whenever things go wrong.

I personally grew up listening to this sort of statement more times that I have anyone say they love me, and i am not exaggerating.

It has become so frequent that most people do not take responsibility for their problems and push the baton to the government.

All excuses. I am  not saying we have the best Government in the world but like many successful people around the world have rightfully said that the fundamental key to success is a positive mindset.

There is no other way to keep positivity alive than ignoring the negatives and focusing on the best you can do.

Yes, the Government is a bit irresponsible but have you done your absolute best?

Think of Your Personality as a Brand

Like I earlier pointed out, most companies of this period are looking for skill-minded people, and so your school certificate would not do much for you.

No don’t be sad. This is a good thing and can even be an opportunity for you. It gives the typical individual the chance to easily rebrand themselves.

We easily find that one person can easily keep one, two or even three jobs simultaneously working freelance.

The company you work for becomes your partner and you become a distinct brand all by yourself.

Take a couple of months out, learn a skill. Go back every once in a while to develop that skill. You get bored? Learn another skill, and grow in it.

The most valued man these days is one who knows what others do not.

Assert Yourself

We live in a world where everyone is being judged by others based on wrong foundations. Yes, it’s normal.

Deal with it.

If you ever are going to have a space of attention from your target audience, you would have to prove that you deserve it.

How do you do so? Be good at what you do and demand to be listened to. No I don’t mean fight for attention, I mean prove that you are worth it, and be worth it in the end.

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Yes Guys, these are my four tips on how to be recession rich. Do tell us what you think.


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