Hollywood star Liam Neeson suffers a major setback

Liam Neeson’s celebrity red carpet for ‘Cold Pursuit’ his latest movie has been revoked due to an interview in which the movie star said he has an intent to kill a black man in reaction to the rape of a friend who said her assaulter was a person of color.

The movie, which was to be launched in the United States in the 5th of this month which Neeson was still expected to go ahead on Tuesday.

Giving his defense to the criticisms that followed his remarks, the “Taken” actor told the US Based television network ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday: “I’m not a racist.”

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson denies being a racist in respect to the rape comments

Neeson said he had learned that society needed to have a larger discussion to end racism and bigotry.

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On the 4th of February, the 66-year-old Irish star told British newspaper “The Independent” that he could connect to roles in his movies such as ‘Taken’ who seek vengeance when a person who is dear to them is hurt.

He said a lady friend of his had in the past been raped and told him her assaulter was a black.

Neeson told the newspaper he had spent “maybe a week” cautious, observing pubs with a heavy piece of wood and “hoping some ‘black bastard’ would suddenly exit the pub and charge at me about something, you know? So that I could … kill him.”

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The Independent said Neeson put air quotes around the term “black bastard”. The newspaper posted audio from the dialogue on its website.

He said verbatim:
“I went out deliberately into black areas in the city, looking to be set upon,” he said. “It shocked me and it hurt me … I did seek help, I went to a priest.”

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Neeson said no violence erupted. He said he would have had his eyes out, searching for a white man had his friend identified her attacker as white.

“It was horrible, horrible when I think back, that I did that,” Neeson said on GMA. “It’s awful, but I did learn a lesson from it.”

(The Guardian)


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