How Mayweather Fought A Japanese Less Than Half His Age

Former world boxing champion, Floyd “Money” Mayweather who reportedly retired from boxing with an impeccable professional record of 50-0 last year, defeated Tenshin Nasukawa, an opponent arguably half his age.

In a battle which was scheduled for three rounds lasted just 140 seconds. It was held at the Saitama Super Arena in North Tokyo.

During the first few seconds of the match, the Japanese youngster seemed to be having from favors from his American opponent as the latter seemed not to actually take the fight seriously, throwing out gentle jabs alongside a smile.

How Mayweather Fought A Japanese Less Than Half His Age
Floyd “Money” Mayweather & Tenshin Nasukawa

I mean, personally, I was like “is this a fight or these guys are just in for their pockets” but, before long I just saw Floyd doing what he does best.

Within the blink of an eye, “The Money Man” swiftly transformed to a “punching machine” as he discharged a range of heavier punches all aimed at the head of the Japanese contender, sending him to the canvas just barely a minute after the round started.

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After Nasukawa had fallen for the first time with a left hook, a body shot accompanied by an uppercut made him plummet just moments later, with the left-hander bravely getting to his feet, although on wobbly legs.

Also, Nasukawa was disadvantaged, having a purported $5 million fine just if he tried to kick during the fight on the outskirts of Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Nasukawa courageously got back on his feet only to be flattened again for a second standing count after another series of serious densified punches from Mayweather.

When he went down for the third time his team raced in, the fight ended barely after three minutes.

The American boxing legend said in the build-up he hoped to earn $US9 million ($A13 million) from the bout, which promoted an event coordinated by Rizin Fighting Federation, a Japanese MMA (mixed martial arts) organization.

The five- weight champion was also had an upper hand with a significant 4kg (9lb) weight advantage into the ring.

In regards to the terms of the fight, only a knockout (KO) or technical knockout (TKO ) could ascertain a victory, with no judge on the seat, and the result will not be added to the official record of both men, enabling both to retain their unbeaten records.

Nasukawa has a 28-0 unbeaten record and Mayweather, 50-0. Almost two years ago, the latter came out of retirement to accept a bout with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor for which he supposedly earned over $300 million.

How Mayweather Fought A Japanese Less Than Half His Age
Beating of a lifetime.

That fight in Nevada, USA lasted for at at least 10 rounds before Mayweather was declared winner on a technical knockout and there are ongoing speculations about him looking out for another money making bout with UFC’s current man of the moment Khabib Nurmagomedov, who defeated Connor McGregor on the Irishman’s come back to UFC action in 2018.

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After his recent win over Nasukawa, Mayweather reiterated yet again that he remained retired, saying the fight was “all about entertainment for the people.”

Whether Nasukawa saw his defeat as entertainment is another topic for discussion.

The 41-year-old father and boxing sensation knocked Nasukawa to the floor three good times before the young contender’s corner threw in the towel.

‘Money’ Mayweather raked millions of dollars for just 139 seconds of action in a planned three rounds fight.

How Mayweather Fought A Japanese Less Than Half His Age2

Nasukawa, about half Mayweather’s age but with a dreadful reputation in his area of the sport, ended the contest crying probably because he had never fought a straight boxing match — in a brisk manner.

The 20-year-old former world junior karate champion ventured into kickboxing and now has a very successful and enviable career, building a 28-0 unbeaten record, boasting he possessed a “punch that boxers do not have.”

Floyd added: “I’m still retired. I don’t look forward to coming back to boxing.

“This won’t go on my record. It won’t go on Tenshin’s record. Tenshin is still undefeated. I’m still undefeated.”

Possessing the true spirit of sportsmanship, Mayweather presented his trophy to his kickboxing disputant, Tenshin Nasukawa of Japan after their exhibition bout.

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Although, there were speculations even to the opening of the event as to whether Floyd Mayweather would show up.

How Mayweather Fought A Japanese Less Than Half His Age
Let’s just say we both won sha.

When he did, the father of four spent some time in outplaying his Japanese kickboxing disputer Tenshin Nasukawa for a first round technical knockout (TKO) in their New Year’s Eve exhibition fight.

“Money” Mayweather hinted on the incongruity of the bout when asked how he prepped for it. He replied verbatim; “Did I have a training camp for this fight? No. I went to the gym a few times,”.

by Ajayi Ayodeji


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