How online extremists are shaping the minds of white teens

How online extremists are shaping the minds of white teens

Many mass shooting suspects in the US have three things in common: They are young, white and male.

In an age where anyone can access just about anything on the internet, white boys in the US seem particularly at risk from dangerous radicalisation online.

Police investigating a perilous assault in Dayton, said the gunman used to be influenced by way of a “violent ideology”,

The suspect behind the El Paso shooting that killed 22 people in Texas is believed to have posted a racist manifesto online despite the fact that no reason has been disclosed.

A mom expressed her worry about extremist content material poisoning the minds of boys as they use the web, in a publish that went viral. She thinks there are caution indicators oldsters must heed.

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“The red flags started going up for us when, a year or so ago, [our kids] started asking questions that felt like they came directly from alt-right talking points,” says Joanna Schroeder,

She began learning about how other boys their age were sharing sexist and racist memes – likely spreading from online forums.

Earlier this month, the New York Times published an investigation into the ways YouTube helped empower Brazil’s far-right by systematically recommending conspiracy channels and far-right content to its users.

She says parents should think about how they construct their child’s upbringing, and how living in a primarily white neighborhood and going to a primarily white school

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Sociology Prof Margaret Hagerman at Mississippi State University spent two years studying a group of affluent white families and the way they discussed and taught about race.

With different white adults, I do not know the way they suspect they are ready to have the ones conversations with kids.”


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