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How Social Media Can Help Improve Your Business

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There are ways social media can help improve your business. but the purpose of social media is to connect. In the past, once you meet a hot woman and you forget to get her number, then brother, you might have to wait until your next life to meet her again. With the advent of the social network, miracles can happen, launch Facebook, search for her and voila!

Everyone is on Facebook nowadays, right? More importantly, though, social networks have been discovered to help small companies grow. We have literally witnessed nobody’s become big brand names with the use of social platforms. The ‘what’ is obvious, its the ‘how’ that is not so clear.

We are going to discuss ways in which you can use social media to improve your business operations, so let’s go…

1. Know what you want

Big blunder entrepreneurs who make use of social platforms for their business make is that they do not state clearly what they expect. Yes, you want more money. Every entrepreneur wants more money but how does the use of social media fit into your ‘more-money’ plan?

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You see, social media platforms are very flexible and can be used by small businesses in several ways. You should ask yourself:

Do I want more clients?
Do I want brand awareness?
Do I want to improve my customer care services?

Being specific about your goals would help your actions be target oriented.

2. Try not to use too many social media platforms at the same time

I hear small business owners who plan to leverage on social media talk about opening a facebook page, twitter account, being on LinkedIn, launching a Google account, while still interactive on I.G and Snapchat.

Utter confusion! While all social platforms have a uniform purpose: to foster connection, they do so in separate ways. While Facebook promotes interaction by promoting lengthy words and pictures, character amount on Twitter is limited.

Consider the kind of products and observe the social platform that would suit it. For instance, if you are involved in the sale of clothes, there really is no point in starting off on Facebook. Your clients want to see pictures; Instagram is best for you. However, if you are a blogger, then Facebook or Twitter is a better option.

Also, consider the price range of your products. If your products are high-end and bit unaffordable, Twitter might be a better option. This is because research has let us know that Twitter users are more sophisticated and wealthy than Facebook. My point basically if you really want to improve your business you have to make research.

3. Focus on connecting than promoting

Yes, I know your main intent is to promote your products. However, a seduction rule says we should never let our ‘seducees’ know they are being seduced. Besides, aren’t social platforms meant for connecting with other people? Why ignore the main purpose of social media while on social media?

Connecting with potential clients helps create long-term clients and even might increase your brand awareness. Focus on promoting only makes your brand seem insensitive to the needs of followers.

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4. Engage

Wondering what to post? Well, you could post about your products every time, right? No! I just said you should not focus on promoting your posts. Well not entirely. You can designate 5 – 10 percent of your posts to be about your products.

However always think about engaging your followers to improve your business. People always fall for anything interesting. The good news is ‘interesting’ is not a ‘what’ but a ‘how’. Confused? What I mean is one can make anything interesting, “all na packaging”.

Informative and entertaining posts never go wrong. Why do you think every blogger in Nigeria writes about News? Well because it’s easy to get content and it’s informative. If you are creative enough, you will be able to make posts that are entertaining and/or informative.
Also, quotes and funny posts can be quite helpful.

5. Automate

The key to success on social media is consistency. Not just ordinary consistency but social media demands a consistency that is out of this world. It is like having a needy girlfriend. No offense to the female folks but you get the drift. Most CEOs cannot afford to give this type of attention.

Good news is that there are apps that can do stuff like this for you. With software like Hootsuite, you can program your posts for an entire month. Furthermore, it might do a lot of good if you get someone else who you think might have the time to monitor the account.

Five ways social media can help improve your business. I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that social media platforms can help your small business grow. Do let us know your thoughts.


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