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How To Invest In The Nigerian Stock Market

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To Invest In the Nigerian stock market, although is a bit traditional, is not as popular as it should be. Like every other investment opportunity, the Nigerian stock exchange entails buying bonds and selling them at the right time. In this post, we would be showing you how to put your money in the stock market and not regret it. Whether you chose to go for high cap stocks or penny stock, if you are well-informed about the market, you definitely will make money.

Get a Broker

A Stockbroker or a   stock brokerage firm, whichever you choose, connect you safely with stock markets. The broker or brokerage which gets a commission for their services helps handle the intricate and more technical parts of your transactions.

In order to be able to buy stocks, you need a CSCS account. Your brokerage would help you get this account and even help you buy stocks.

In the Primary market, That is; the market that companies advertise their bonds directly, you are required to name your stockbroker and your CSCS account number.

In the secondary market, you would definitely need your broker to get your stocks for you.

See why having a stockbroker is important now? To Invest in the Nigerian stock market today, you have to

Get an Investor’s Account.

An Investor Account which is for both stocks and equity is, as its name suggests, an account for investors. Since you are looking to be an investor, you would need an investor’s account. This is because your transactions would be carried out through this account. Your broker would open one for you, along with the CSCS account.

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Well, you would need money to buy stocks. The important aspects of buying and selling stocks are that you should stay informed. Yes! The only difference between a good investor and a bad one is the fact that one moves along with the trend. Also, do not allow your sentiments control your buying and selling decisions.

It is a very simple technique: buy low, sell high. The good thing is that you can even buy stocks with as low as N100k.


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