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How to succeed in entertainment in Nigeria

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Entertainment in Nigeria is gradually being recognized as not just a potent means of livelihood but also as a means to improve the country’s economic status.

However, you may still be in danger of getting severely punished if you tell them, after spending four years in a tertiary institution, you want to be a DJ. Despite the obvious financial comfort of entertainers like Davido, Wizkid, Patoranking, 2Baba, Banky W et al, people are still uncertain about the financial potential of entertainment in Nigeria. Let’s be honest, count 10 random entertainers and only one is financially successful. In this post, we would discuss how you can really make money from being an entertainer. Let’s admit it, one of the most difficult things to do as a Nigerian is to be an entertainer and be rich.

Know that Art and Business are not the same

You want to make money from entertainment? Well, separate business from your art. We mostly grew up with the local adage, “where person dey work, na there e dey chop”. This is true everywhere, except in the art world. Truth is that you can actually work as an entertainer and not get a single dime to feed on. Harsh? Well, nobody came to this world to play with anybody.

The best way to make money from being an entertainer is to learn to separate entertainment from the business. What fuels entertainment is mostly passion but sadly, passion does not put food on the table. This is why parents do not let children go into entertainment in Nigeria. However, having an isolated aspect of your entertainment which would focus on financial parts would solve the problem. Why do you think big entertainers have managers, personal assistance, legal advisors and even financial consultants?

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See Your Entertainment Services as Products

Most entertainers let the passion they feel for their art override a lot of things, including common sense. The best way to avoid this mistakes is to treat your art like products and get as sentimentally detached from it as possible. This way, you would be concerned, not only about the production but distribution as well. The reason why most entertainers fail financially is not that their ‘products’ are not good enough but because they fail to pay attention to adequate distribution. One of the best ways to get this done is to view your entertainment services, whatever it may be, as products.

Akokosblog, Entertainment in Nigeria: Guitarist on stage

Bring Value

A wise person once said I can’t remember who, the best way to make money with your craft is to become valuable. Most entertainers have no idea the values they intend to pass on to their target audience. Without value, your ‘products’ would be empty. Even though this kind of ‘product’ attracts customers, they do not do so for a long time. There are few things more difficult than getting back an already disinterested client.

Every business should bring value, and yours should not be different. Think of long-term goals and what you want your audience to remember you for.

Out of every five young people, six would like to pick a career in entertainment in Nigeria, everybody wants to sing these days and it is becoming a goto for many people, they just want to “jamblamouth” mix some annoying words together and make it in one day. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get the drift. Won’t it be amazing if we had as many wealthy people? Well, we can.


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