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      Mismatched Shoes Trend

        Mismatched Shoes trend
        Mismatched Shoes trend

        It does seem like the “mismatched shoes trend” is back and is really getting the attention it deserves. This year, Nicole Kidman was seen sporting different designs of shoe on both legs at the Emmys.


          It is proposal Delighted African woman. WILL YOU MARRY ME? A LIFE LONG DECISION MADE IN 10 SECONDS

          The party went quiet, the spotlight was on her. Out of the shimmering lights emerged a nervous familiar man. He dipped his hand in his pocket. Crowds started to gather. He went down on one knee right before her.

          She knew what was about to happen. He opened a small box to reveal a shiny diamond ring. A full year of the relationship started to run through her mind – the good times, the bad.

          How to have an amazing personality in Nigeria

            How to have an amazing personality in Nigeria

            Personally, I have always thought a perfect synonym for the word ‘personality’, albeit different registrar, is ‘brand’. Think about it; ‘brand’ and ‘personality’ both capture, whether of a company or human, the features of an entity and how it relates to others. Let’s relate to this post as “How to brand yourself in Nigeria”

            What I mean is both ‘brand’ and ‘personality’ attempts to portray how others view the composition of an entity, and how they relate to it.

            Taking Control of Your Relationships

              smiling young african american couple, Taking Control of your relationships

              Define Relationships

              Taking control of your relationships is defining such relationships at the very beginning, You also need to learn how to differentiate between just a friendly relationship and relationship gangan.

              So, you like a girl. You have done everything to make her know that you do not just want to be a friend. You want to be ‘more than a friend’, whatever that means, but the girl is not falling for it. You first started with enormous green lights; remember that you sent her good morning texts almost on daily basis.

              It was obvious that you are trying to impress her; trying to make her see you in a different light but aunty is just too stubborn. She is not taking the bait. So, you decide to take the mountain to Mohammed.

              11 Ways to Be a More Romantic Guy

                Akokosblog: 11 Most Effective Ways to Be a More Romantic Guy

                The romantic guy will never be the last, sure we all wonder why some ugly guys just have everyone on their side, they are loved everywhere, they know the drill, they have studied 11 most effective ways to be a more romantic guy, somehow, some way.

                Our Readers Share Their Favourite Books

                  Akokosblog: Our Readers share their favourite books. Contemplative-attractive-african-american-student

                  So we are going to discuss some of our anonymous readers’ favourite books.

                  British playwright and actor, Alan Bennett says “books ignite the imagination”. Author Dr. Seus also contends that the more we read, the more we know; and the more we learn, the more places we go. It is not so easy to get around easily. So yes, if you cannot get to Abuja due to financial conditions or some other reason, you could just pick up a book about Abuja yea? I agree with that philosophy too.

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                  Why We Don’t Do What We Want to Do and How to Start

                    Akokosblog: How to start. Businessman using his laptop in the Coffee Shop

                    We never do what we should mainly because of fear, perfectionism, over-planning, lack of planning, people’s opinion, competition etc. Think about your dreams; your ambitions. Wonder why they are still dreams? Most people go through life without doing the things they really want to because they do not know how to start. In fact, one of the sayings I have so frequently is: “There are many unachieved dreams in the grave”.

                    Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

                      Akokosblog: Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

                      So you are planning your wedding. You and your partner are both excited as you make preparations. You walk into a store to get your wedding dress and then you see the price tag: N200k. The smile on your face quickly evaporates and the soft, sanguine love song playing in your head melts into a soreness somewhere in your throat. You would scream but you are trying to maintain composure. You are in public, you tell yourself.
                      You think N200k is too much for a wedding dress? Wait till you read the price tags on the world’s most expensive wedding gowns. Well, if a wedding gown is very expensive then the wedding should be called an expensive wedding.

                      Coping with Shock and Distress

                        Akokosblog: Coping with Shock and Distress. Distressed

                        In life, we are not certain about a lot of things but one thing we are most certain about is that we would not receive only good news all through our lives. Strong people are not defined by how big their biceps are but how well they can handle receiving bad news, so it shows that coping with shock and distress takes will and inner strength. Still, the fight-or-flight responses that come after receiving a shock is pretty difficult to deal with, and if care is not taken, can make us take actions that we may regret in both short and long run.

                        All about Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

                          Akokosblog; All about Marvels Avengers Infinity Wars

                          This post is all about Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War a sequel to 2012 Marvel’s Avengers and 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron this coming April.

                          The movie which is distributed by Walt Disney Studios has got everyone excited, especially me. Since Black Panther and Thor: Ragnorak had our skins filled with goosebumps.

                          I figure Avengers: Infinity War would raise the hair at the back of our necks and get us more impressed than a plate of dodo would.

                          Celebrating Nigerian Inventors: Nigerians are making history

                            Akokosblog: Celebrating Nigerian Inventors. Portrait of a cheerful African American

                            Nigerians are making history world wide and today, we are celebrating those who have and are still representing the green-white-green colour combo.

                            Lets set the ball rolling:

                            Black Panther and other Top 5 Favourite Movies

                              Akokosblog: Black Panther Model With A Standee

                              I love good stories, Don’t we all?  Black Panther is the first among the rest. I also love a good story that is reflected with a good picture.

                              Today, we shall be discussing movies, and i would like to present to you guys, my top 6 favourite movies of all time and without further ado, drum roll please, lets get the show started: