Is social media making more people insecure?

Is social media making people insecure? Or social media is only exposing people’s insecurities.

These are difficult questions. Both are correct depending on the angle you look at it. Social media is making more people insecure, but also, there’s insecurity deep down in people and social media just preys on that.

With some things, the answers are never really as black and white, but in this case, it’s clear.

People are generally becoming more and more insecure than ever before. How can we measure that? Insecurity almost always correlates strongly with the increase in consumption and the average ecological footprint.

In addition to ecological footprints growing, people’s physical footprints are increasing as well. By 2020, it is estimated that 50% of children under 18 in America will either be obese or pre-diabetic. Why? Because people are consuming more and more. We’re hardly focused on value.

So how does social media play a role? How many minutes do you spend on social media? How long do you spend obsessing over your posts in relation to others’?

“Does my tummy look too big?”

“Are my arms too flabby?”

There’s a myriad of people on social media platforms. Some are more attractive than we are,others not so. Some are richer and live bigger lives, others not so.

Occasionally, we stumble upon a TL which can be intimidating.

“How can someone be this beautiful?”

“She must have edited the pictures. “

“How can they be dressed in such lovely clothes and drive luxury cars?”

The ways we convince ourselves that surely the people who seem so happy and successful on social media aren’t all that in real life, to assuage our inferiority complex.

Cool Lady twerk
Cool Lady twerk

And on that note, entitlement also correlates very strongly with insecure people. The more insecure someone is about their image or lifestyle, the more entitled they feel to have things always go in their favor.

The more convinced they become that other people cannot be truly happier than them. Everybody is posting the best versions of themselves on social media.

It creates a little competition to outdo other users. Thus, you can’t show or post about normal stuff like secure people and always feel the need to only post extraordinary stuff and achievements.

The gag is, most people are not extraordinary and achievements don’t come every day.

Here’s a few steps to stop overcome insecurity.

Give Yourself as much Attention as You Give to Other People on Social Media

Closeup portrait confident smiling woman
Closeup portrait confident smiling woman

Okay, so I don’t mean literally like your own post the same amount of times you like others, or obsess over your TL but metaphorically that’s exactly what I’m saying. A good piece of advice I’ve heard before is “Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend”.

When we are self-critical, we are saying things we would never say to our friends! So why are you saying them to ourselves?

Keep Yourself in Check

Insecurity - young attractive and glamorous African American black
young attractive and glamorous African American black

Whenever you catch yourself obsessing over someone on Social Media, you should stop and remind yourself who you are.

If you see a photo on Instagram and think to yourself “Man, I’d like to look like that,” pause. Close the app. Pull up your reminder, or close your eyes and tell yourself three things you like about yourself. It’s all about the reminders.

With social media taking over our lives, it’s easy to forget who we are. Always remind yourself.

Social Media Takes a Lot of Effort

 Photographer working with a Cute Model in a Professional Studio
Photographer working with a Cute Model in a Professional Studio

Do you know how much time goes into putting together a really good picture? A lot.

You have to take into consideration of the time driving to the location, the outfits, the poses, etc. Not to mention the idea itself.

Some people take their Instagram game more seriously than others, but when you see a really good picture of someone / something that you like, remember that they had to work for it.

Because even after taking the photos, they had to go through and pick all the photos that looked okay, edited them, plan them (spending time on an Instagram scheduler like Later or Plann), caption them, and schedule them.

All of that doesn’t come magically,and doing it well? Well, that takes even more time, effort, and practice.

If you want to look as cool as others are, you can do it – with effort.

You Don’t Have to Follow

Social Media - Love for yourself is very important
Love for yourself is very important

If you find the green monster also known as Envy crawling into your chest whenever you come across a specific person’s post on your TL, don’t be scared to unfollow (or mute).

You don’t have to see all that. Recently, I went on with an Instagram cleanse. I unfollowed all the accounts with super luxury stuff I knew I couldn’t afford – at least not now.

A few months ago I had to mute someone on Twitter whom I admired. The admiration began to border on obsession, and then subsequently envy. I was envious of her career,it was what I wanted.

Every time I stumbled upon her tweet, I’d turn weak and be downcast for a few minutes. It took me a while to realize that I had a problem I needed to fix, and I probably needed to mute her while I worked on that.

Ask Yourself Why Social Media Makes You So Insecure

Social Media - Elegant outfit. Female fashion
Elegant outfit. Female fashion

To really resolve something, it’s essential to get to the root of the problem. It’s not enough to just put a gauze over it and call it a day, because it’s going to appear again. Why social media making people insecure and why is social media making me insecure?

What emotions, feelings, and thoughts come up for you when you scroll through your Instagram or Twitter? Where is the insecurity coming from?

Be Honest With Yourself.

Insecurity and Social Media - African American man with laptop in a cafe
Man with laptop in a cafe

When we challenge ourselves to think deeper and more critically, we grow. And if you find that you need help, then ask for help.

It’s not about cutting social media out of your life altogether.

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself why social media is negatively impacting your self-esteem.

Is it because you base your self-worth on social media and what other people think of you?

Like the issue I mentioned in the previous point about my having to mute someone – it wasn’t her, it was me. I have no right to wish she shouldn’t post more in order to not kill my esteem.

It’s my problem that her posts made me feel incompetent. I had to work on it and now, I go to her TL for inspiration.

People have the right to post whatever they want on social media, whether it’s true or not is really none of your business. What is your business (that I think you should focus on) is why you have a problem with that.


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