Inside The Mind of a Nigerian-Canadian, Nonso Amadi

Inside The Mind of a Nigerian-Canadian singer Nonso Amadi: I personally like artists who are not showy. Artists who don’t reveal much but let their minds flow through their music. Such is the person of Nonso Amadi.

The Lagos born Nigerian-Canadian singer burst to the scenes in 2015 with his EP “Alone” which was accompanied by his hit single “Tonight”. He has been relevant in music since then but not much is known about him.

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My personal research only led to dismal tidbits about him which seem to be consistent in rotation on all platforms and is as follows:

  • He is from a family of 7, the 3rd oldest
  • He studied B.Sc. Chemical Engineering in Nigeria and has a Masters from McMaster’s University, Canada
  • He has dreams of being on the Billboard list and working with Jon Bellion
  • He is a singer, songwriter/producer.

But all this isn’t enough personally, given the fact that am now hooked to this artist by his sound (Radio was my ultimate jam last year). So I dug deep…the closest

Inside: The Mind of Nonso

I could get to the mind of Nonso Amadi was an interview he did with ndaniTV back in February 2017.

In it, he credits his love/interest for music to his childhood buddy who he recorded music with on his laptop.

When asked “what statement do you want to with your music, he said “I do try to address much lighter topics that still hold some weight to people.

I would comfortably write songs about depression, crushing, lust and so on which address the issues of loneliness or rejection, because it’s comforting to hear something once in a while talking about those downsides of love that we’ve all been through”.

Right there we get a glimpse of the mind of Nonso Amadi. He is a regular relatable guy just like us who have loved and lost, probably battled loneliness and depression (an issue that is not widely discussed in African culture), and has found a voice through soulful New Age Afrobeat music where he luxuriates.

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And it totally suits him as I cannot imagine a dope soul like Nonso Amadi singing upbeat club bangers like “Shoki”

When asked the biggest issue facing young people, he said “one of the biggest issues with young people is we’re often misguided… could be misguided by friends, or influenced by the wrong type of music…”.

Here’s another glimpse of the mind of this dope soul, he isn’t one to follow in the footsteps of the misguided masses.

Rather, he’s trying to create his own lane and find himself through his music. He is not a rebel without a cause but a man with a clear focus.

On his artistry, Apple Music beautifully describes it like this: Nonso Amadi grew up during one of the golden ages for Lagos Afro beats, and he adopted the genre’s soft textured, vocal-focused traditions with ease.

Inside: The Mind of Nonso Amadi - Nonso

The early track shows a raw vulnerability, with his 2015 breakout hit “Tonight”, allowing unobtrusive synths to highlight his emotive voice, while in “No Crime”, tentative percussion underlies his heartbreaking lyrics.

Nonso Amadi’s distinct sound brings to mind other artists like Bryson Tiller, 6lack, Saba, Vic Mensa…but he is in a league all on his own.

Just like Lana Del Rey created a whole musical universe for herself where she shines, Nonso Amadi is in a musical universe of his own and however long it takes the world to catch on, when they do, they will discover the music genius that is wrapped inside the mind of Nonso Amadi.


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