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Is Roman Reigns back to the WWE for real?

 Professional wrestling sensation, Leati Joseph Anoaʻi, who goes by the stage name “Roman Reigns” , has established that he is now free from leukemia (cancer of the blood). He added that would be returning to WWE immediately .

Anoa’i , a former American football player who was assigned number 99 while playing for the Edmonton Eskimos has risen prominently in the WWE.

Reigns is now one of World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) very famous superstars , even despite his publicized absence from “the ring” in October 2018.

Roman Reigns

“The good news is, I’m in remission, y’all,” he told the crowd during an emotional speech at a WWE Raw event in Atlanta on Friday. “So with that being said — the Big Dog is back.”

The 33 year old, has supposedly been battling cancer for eleven years.

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While announcing his leave from the ring, the father of three spoke on the return of the disease.  He forfeited his rights to the WWE’s Universal Championship afterwards, due to the disease.

The Roman catholic devotee appreciated his fans for their support on Friday. He also acknowledged that it was hard for him to go public on his battle with cancer.

“I’m not going to lie — before my announcement in October I was terrified. I was scared. I was insecure. And I didn’t really know if I wanted to share that secret with the world,” he told the cheering crowd.

“That overwhelming support that you gave me, it gave me strength, it gave me new life. It gave me a new opportunity and it gave me a new purpose,” he added.

“There is no other job like this,” he said. “There’s no other fanbase like you guys.”

The disclosure was met with a wave of support from other wrestlers.

Mr Reigns, during an interview on the “Good Morning America Show”



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