Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Worst Pickup Lines You Hear From Men of Today

Men. One word, so much potential for disappointment. It's not a lie that some of the worst pickup lines to be used on this planet have come from the mouth of men with too much ego.

How to Save Costs When Planning Your Wedding

How to save costs when planning a classy low-key wedding. People are obsessed with weddings and it may be tempting to succumb to the pressure of emptying your account and having an elaborate event.
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The unfamiliar side of Idris Elba (Big Driis) we do not know

In this post, we'll be tapping into the unfamiliar profession of our Hollywood man crush, Idris Elba a.k.a Big Driis. He would be DJ-ing at this year's Coachella, man's a pro after all!!!
5 affordable holiday spots in nigeria

5 Affordable Holiday Spots in Nigeria

Affordable holiday spots in Nigeria is always some hard stuff to find though there are so many online. Beautiful cheap vacation destinations in Nigeria are also not a lot. Lets take a peek at some holiday spots that are affordable´╗┐
Movies to Watch Out for in 2019, My favorites marvel avengers 3, endgame

Movies to Watch Out for in 2019, My favorites

I'm not really a movie person, or so I like to kid myself. However, this year promises to give us some of the best movies ever - especially sequels - and has already begun delivering.
Someone Battling Depression is Always Here For you

Don’t Say These to Someone Battling Depression

Depression is a tough illness to understand, especially for those who have never experienced it themselves. A lot of people misunderstand the difference between clinical depression and feeling sad.

Falz Moral Instruction Album Review

Folarin Falana, popularly known as "Falz theBahdGuy", released a 9-track album titled Moral Instruction

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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human?

Would Artificial Intelligence replace humans? Over recent years it's been obvious that technology has constantly been and would continue to be a very major part of our lives, especially in the workplace.