Malmo vs Chelsea: Sarri finally gets a chance to laugh

    Chelsea malmo

    Malmo vs Chelsea game made Chelsea recovered from their epic loss at Manchester City with a 2-1 recovery score against Malmo to gain an advantage in their Europa League round of 32.

    This has undoubtedly given Chelsea’s coach, Maurizio Sarri a chance to laugh.

    “The blues” began their match on a very positive note. They clearly had the “upper-hand”, however, never seemed to quite leave the second half of the pitch.

    Then came Ross Barkley who rolled in Pedro’s long pass after 30 minutes into the game.

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    Chelsea appeared to have lost both morale and momentum after the first half , lounging with the ball until its French forward, Olivier Giroud’s light touch turned in Willian da Silva’s cross.

    Honestly, one would have thought Maurizio Sarri’s side would transfer the exact energy they received from Manchester city but, No! Malmo wouldn’t just have that, they fought Chelsea just as hard.

    And their (Malmo’s) counter-offensive paid off, just when the match was 10 minutes out, Anders Christiansen penetrated right through Chelsea’s defense, and humbled the almost two-metre tall Kepa Arrizabalaga to destroy the possibility of a scoreless match .

    Major Highlight Malmo vs Chelsea, Europa League

    KICK-OFF: And we’re off!

    30min: GOAL!! Barkley!!! Chelsea comes forward on the right again and Pedro produces a good cross for once, finding Barkley in the middle who pokes it past the goalkeeper after a bit of awkward control. 0-1 CHELSEA!!!

    45min: No added-on time after a pacey first-half, which ends, appropriately enough, in another foul by Malmo, this time on Giroud.

    HALF-TIME: Malmo’s gameplan is clear, hack Chelsea to pieces. So far it’s almost working, enabled in part by the referee. Chelsea do lead 1-0.

    46min: Chelsea get the second-half underway, but David Luiz’s traditional ball down the left is well off the mark and Malmo establish possession first.

    58min: GOALLL!!! Giroud!!! Chelsea break through the pressure with aplomb for once, and Barkley bounds forward 3-on-3, finds Willian on the left, who beats his man and slides across a ball with his left. Giroud finishes with a neat flick. Lovely play all around. 0-2, CHELSEA!!

    79min: Goal! Malmo, who are still playing, and finding a goal. Christiansen finishes at the far post after bursting through the Chelsea lines and found by Rosenberg who held up the ball well. 1-2. Malmo vs Chelsea

    90+3min: Hazard hacked down from behind; still no yellow. LOL.

    FULL TIME: Job done. Chelsea wins!


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