Thursday, February 21, 2019

Wells Fargo goes (AWOL) Absent Without Leave

Wells Fargo is working around the clock in order to to resolve a pandemic outage hindering some customers from using the mobile app and denying them access to their online banking accounts.

Start A Side Business with Your Day Job

I had a good side business with my day job back in the day, I rented an office, hired employees, and worked with them remotely while doing a good job for my employers. I ran at least 3 side businesses while working for the man.
Four Cures For A Lean Bank Account

4 Cures For A Lean Purse and Bank Account

This is a new year, yet most people haven't figured how to "FATTEN" their "LEAN" account balance. You want the saying of "no more insufficient funds" to be a reality in your life?
How Useful is Your Native Language - Native female student in discussion with friend

How Useful is Your Native Language

The self-acclaimed "Giant of Africa" we call home was formed by compounding different tribes; each with its own culture(and subculture in some cases) and language(sublanguage in some cases).
The business side of religion - top view of rosary beads on euro bills

The Business side of Religion in the 21st Century

An American Author Andrew Smith is known to have coined the popular phrase “people fear what they don’t understand”. Fear has been taken advantage of, to build the biggest and most efficient business model
5 Amazingly Easy Ways to Achieve your Goals for the New Year: African family spending time together - Image

5 Amazingly Easy Ways to Achieve your Goals for the New Year

5 Amazingly Easy Ways to Achieve your Goals for the New Year: So it's a new year and finally, we are already here. The past year may not have gone the way we'd hoped and some of you might be feeling really bummed, well that's okay for at least two minutes.
Akokosblog, Entertainment in Nigeria: Guitarist performing on stage

How to succeed in entertainment in Nigeria

Entertainment in Nigeria is gradually being recognized as not just a potent means of livelihood but also as a means to improve the country's...

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5 Affordable Holiday Spots in Nigeria

Affordable holiday spots in Nigeria is always some hard stuff to find though there are so many online. Beautiful cheap vacation destinations in Nigeria are also not a lot. Lets take a peek at some holiday spots that are affordable