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Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

Akokosblog: Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

So you are planning your wedding. You and your partner are both excited as you make preparations. You walk into a store to get your wedding dress and then you see the price tag: N200k. The smile on your face quickly evaporates and the soft, sanguine love song playing in your head melts into a soreness somewhere in your throat. You would scream but you are trying to maintain composure. You are in public, you tell yourself.
You think N200k is too much for a wedding dress? Wait till you read the price tags on the world’s most expensive wedding gowns. Well, if a wedding gown is very expensive then the wedding should be called an expensive wedding.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

1. Imperial Pearl Syndicate Gown


Don’t be deceived by the simple look of this dress. It was designed in the 50s and was estimated to worth $100K. The dress which weighs 27 pounds is now said to be worth more than $500k. That is almost N36M.

I know what you are thinking: who would spend N36m on a wedding dress? People will fam, people will.

2. Bach Ngoc Xiem Y


This wedding gown which is designed with stones goes for $117k. Don’t scream yet. That’s approximately N45m! You can now scream.

The gown which is being held at a plaza in Vietnam has actually not been sold. And I wonder why!?

3. 9999 Carat Gems Wedding Dress


Going for about $159,000, this wedding dress is designed with gems that sure turns its buy into a wise investor. We all know gems and precious stones always have high value.

Buying a wedding dress covered in gems at N56.7m can earn you a lot in a couple of years.

4. Platinum Wedding Gown


Costing an equivalent of N90m, this Eastern designed wedding dress is made of the most valued metal – Platinum. Would it not be a metallic experience wearing the most valued metal on your wedding day. It might be heavy too. Don’t ask me, I have never worn platinum before!

5. Mauro Adami Wedding Dress


This wedding dress which has a very cute embroidery design was designed in 2008 by Mauro Adami. Mauro is an Italian designer who also designed a platinum jacket for Keith Richards,  the Rolling Stone member.

Mauro Adami wedding dress costs about $372, 564 and is part of the Domo Adami collection. Made with almost 40 meters of silk fabric, the wedding gown is also adorned with platinum threads. How people design clothes with metal still baffles me.

So if you have some N140 million to spare for your bride to look errr really platinum-ish and silky, well this is for you.

6. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress


This expensive wedding gown combines both modern designs with traditional features to give it very stunning and marvelous results.

Consequently, I have not seen a single person who would not love this wedding dress, except a man who probably does not know the difference between pink and violet.

The train, although does not beats Princess Diana’s, stretches to 9 feet. Coming with a gifted veil with a tiara that has 1000 diamonds, this wedding set costs $388,088.

If you are wondering. that’s almost N140 million. Don’t ‘yimu’! there are Nigerians that can afford this dress!

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7. Danasha Luxury Gown


The name says it all. This luxury gown which was first unveiled at the 2010 Miami fashion week continues to be one of the most luxurious dresses in the world, even in 2018.

According to the designers, their aim was not really to make another gown with precious stones all over. Their main purpose was to make a gown which although had the finest costume, would still feel original and ‘regular’.

This gown goes for over N500 million naira.

8. Peacock Wedding Dress


This dress is actually made from peacock feathers. I know everybody wants to strut like a peacock, but I wonder would actually want to look like a peacock on their wedding day.

The designers revealed that they had to collect the feathers from ten birds to design this wedding gown; an average peacock sheds 200 feathers.

This dress costs $1.5 million. That’s roughly N500million. If you are thinking of getting this dress, you should know though that in some cultures peacock feathers are known to represent a bad omen.

If you have N500million that you don’t know what to use for and you are not so superstitious, then this gown is for you.

9. Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress


Yumi Katsura who was born in Japan graduated from the Kyoritsu Women University where she studied Apparel Science. I wonder what that is.

Since then, she has been very successful in the bridal world; publishing a book on the subject and expanding her business to reach England and the US. She even has a bridal museum sef!

This wedding dress which is made of silk and white gold is also designed with pearls. Made with 5-karat white gold diamond, 8.8 karat emerald and a thousand excellent quality pearlsthis dress costs $8.5 million dollars. That’s like N3bn! That’s some blood money for a very expensive wedding.

10. Diamond Wedding Dress


This dress tops the list at almost N4billion naira. Wait! N4bn for one wedding gown? Well yea, if the wedding gown has 15-carat of diamonds. This dress was designed by Rene Strauss!

Who go price all this wedding dresses sef?  I want the most expensive wedding dresses for my own wedding, but I am sure I won’t use it on that day, I would have sold it and cater for the whole wedding ceremony


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