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Planning for a Happy and Healthy Retirement

Planning for a Happy and Healthy Retirement -

What many fail to realise, however, is that retirement requires extensive planning ( a healthy retirement plan) and preparation—or else that “dream” can become a nightmare of boredom and depression.

Everybody hopes to get old sometime in the future. Some hope to get really really old.

However old you hope to get, there is certainly going to be a time when you cannot be as functional as you are now in your 9-5 and would be required to go home and rest, or if you may retire.

While many people are aware that they would get old, they still dread retirement. “Why?”, you may ask. Apart from the general fear of getting old and being less agile, many people fear that they would not be able to take care of themselves financially and otherwise.

The increasing amount of Nigerians dread the boredom and restlessness that comes with retirement.

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There is also the change in routine to think about; change can be pretty scary. Plus the pensioner-queue for phantom verifications does not help.

We would be addressing how you can prepare for a healthy retirement without being worried.

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Understand the difference between Getting Old and Aging

Most people do not realize that there is a difference between getting old and actually aging. Well, there is! Getting old is a growth process, and every natural, organic thing changes with time, that is, grows; that is, gets old.

In other words, aging is only a physical representation of getting old. While it is a good thing to get old, it is aging we all fear.

The good thing is that Aging, with symptoms like weakness, loss of sight, arthritis, worn out skin, has been recognized to be a preventable disease. Yes fam, you don’t have to age when you grow old.

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All you have to do is lead a healthy lifestyle and you good to go.
Why is this important for your retirement plan? Wouldn’t you like to retire and still look like you are in your 30s?

Stop Working For Money

There is a popular saying which I think has been vaguely misinterpreted. The ‘No food for lazy man’ proverb does not necessarily mean the rate at which you work is the rate at which you would eat.

If this were true, we would not have the top richest men in the world being richer than half of the world’s population.

Yes, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet,  Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg whose name I got used to pronouncing when I saw his net worth and his fellow billionaire colleagues are richer than 3.5 billion people.

Detach the link you have put between work and money. Hard work only makes you a valuable person, but not necessarily a rich person.

Why should you know this before you retire? To ease the fear of offsetting financial obligations. Most people believe that once they retire and are unable to work, they would starve to death.

There are many investment options one can take now that would secure the future.

nowing that you do not have to indulge in physical labor to earn a living should make you look forward to a healthy retirement, shouldn’t it?

Set New Goals

Most people believe that retirement translates to going home to rest after years of labor. I hate to break it to you but there is no such thing. ‘Resting after long years of labor’ only increases idleness and has been figured to be a cause of premature deaths.

A research in Cornell University has linked premature retirement to premature deaths.

What is the solution? New goals, fam! Set new goals. Going back home to cuddle grandchildren may seem nice, but it is not a goal.

Such things easily dull motivation and make the mind restless with time. What you need is a new goal; a new reason to get out of bed every morning.

Set goals and make plans to attain them. Do not let age limit you: let the story of Wang Deshun, who became a model at 80 years, inspire you.

Retirement marks a period in one’s life where he accepts change and follows its direction, and not just remain stagnant in the name of rest.

These tips, not as complex as notes in a Physics textbook, would set foundations for a happy and healthy retirement.


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