PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2019: A Looming Uncertainty

As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had rightly put out their view about the presidential election in their new year remark or message to Nigerians.

That the hope and fate of the nation is held by a thread hanging around the eventualities or results of the forthcoming presidential election, it becomes necessary to share with Nigerians what might have necessitated or precipitated this assertion.

Needless to say that it is no new knowledge that politicians can say anything, make stories up or ridicule anyone just to be at the gaining end of any tussle, but this statement does require adequate, proper scrutiny, one that is free from any partisan claims or assessment.

One might be tempted to take side with the PDP especially when you consider the ugly trend and happenings that have engulfed the nation in the last three and half years or as some would put it, plagued the alleged achievements of the President Muhammad Buhari led administration.

Some of these trends include: Herdsmen/Farmers clash that had ravaged majority of the north central, the partisan anti-corruption fight, the resurgence of Boko Haram, the poor or slow growth of the economy compounded by high level of unemployment and poverty as supported by various appalling statistics from credible government and non governmental organisations.

On the other hand, the APC in its desperate attempt to salvage its image and endear itself to Nigerians had consistently been reminding Nigerians of the reason we are where we are today, citing that it was the ineptitude of the previous government (PDP) in planning in the face of healthy oil revenue that has strained it coffers to a less efficient capacity that it can’t no longer implement its campaign promises.

Both views and excuses are right but none of them has given Nigerians a credible reason to build up hope again but as they remain our only choice, we would eventually have to give one a shot which is why I seek to provide the chances each party stands in clinching the most coveted office in the land starting with the APC.

2019 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: A Looming Uncertainty - BUhari APC
  • For many of those who voted the APC for its candidate and not its policies or to simply put, revere President Muhammad Buhari for his acclaimed integrity, they might just want to align with the ruling party once again considering the ever debated narrative in the public that it’s major oppositions’ candidate had built his business empire on funds he had siphoned from government coffers while serving as vice president.
  • The fact that the president still enjoys enormous support and adoration from the majority from the north and enormous hatred and detestation from the southeast leaves the southwest as a major determinant of the direction the pendulum swings, on or before the presidential election Mr. President’s fate lies on how he appeases or treat stakeholders from this region.
  • Meddling by authorities such as the military, police and relevant agencies such as INEC and election observers both external and internal could make things work in tune to the wishes of the apc of which however, the election can no longer be considered as free and fair..

On the other side of the divide, the PDP would be banking on the following to get a swift ride back into Aso-Rock:

2019 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: A Looming Uncertainty - Atiku Abubakar
  • PDP’s alignment with the yearnings of Nigerians in some quarters as regarding the need to restructure the country and usher in what them dim as the only solution to our unending political and socioeconomic problems; true federalism. A position highly favored by people from the southeast and southwest…
  • The ravaging and devastating effect the poor handling of the economy has had on Nigerians, even more so, is the fact that poverty in the land is no longer a speculation or derogatory claims, it is well supported by both national and international statistics or findings as over 85 Million Nigerians live in abject poverty and over 20million Nigerians are unemployed, these numbers culminated to the world bank naming Nigeria as the country with the poorest people in the world.
  • The need for change. We tried it during Jonathan’s tenure and it didn’t work, some Nigerians might as well be of the same inclination, perhaps we might just get it right this time around.

Regardless of the politics that play out on or before the presidential election, these are just what you might find in the mind of every respective party-favoured voter.


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