PS5 will Use SSD cartridges, reveals new design patent

PS5 will Use SSD cartridges, reveals new design patent

A patent filed in by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Brazil suggests that the forthcoming PlayStation 5 will use cartridges in some form or another.

That leads some to believe that Sony will make its own, swappable solid state drives (SSD). You want to upgrade your storage capacity? Slot a new cartridge into your PS5.

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The cartridge was designed by Yujin Morisawa, Senior Art Director at the Corporate Design Center of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Although we doubt it took him long as the image looks just like a normal games cartridge from the 90s.

Nintendo famously held out using them for as long as possible, sticking with the format for the N64, instead of using CDs, and inspiring Sony to enter the games industry after the aborted Nintendo PlayStation venture.

Cartridges were important to Nintendo’s profit line because only they could make them and that enabled them to charge third party publishers lucrative licensing fees to allow their games to appear on Nintendo formats.

Instead, the patent found and illustrated by LetsGoDigital could indeed refer to larger storage drives you can replace even more easily than the HDDs in the PlayStation 4 models.

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It makes sense. After all, the storage market is huge and, with the PS4 and PS4 Pro allowing you to upgrade capacity using internal and external drives, it stands to reason that this time around Sony wants a slice of that action.

Rather than licence branding to Western Digital or Seagate, it could create its own SSD cartridges and make even more hot moolah itself.


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