R Kelly and the law : Here’s his latest charge

    (The Guardian) Popular RnB singer, Robert Sylvester Kelly a.k.a R Kelly, would see “a lot of walls” soon. Let’s recall that the singer was not long ago taken into custody over 10 cases of sexual assault. He would hereby be returning to jail for defaulting to pay child support.

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    A fresh charge has been made against R Kelly, by an anonymous woman who claimed was supposedly abused by the R&B star.

    She also accused R Kelly of later infecting her with a STD (herpes). Detroit PD are currently authenticating the claims made by the unnamed female. She said she was 13 years old at the time of their first encounter which spanned four more years

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    “We are eagerly waiting to speak to the alleged victim,” Detroit police chief James Craig told CBS News.

    This is the most recent allegation in a long chain of sexual abuse claims petitioned against Kelly. Most of whom were below the legal age at the time of the said happenings .

    The father of three has so far not responded to the new “development” probably because he’s in custody. However, he has so far refuted every claim against him, stating that every sexual act have been either harmonious.

    He also said the “victims” are all living because he didn’t force any single one of them against theIr will.

    Complaints made against the “King of RnB” can be dated as far back as 1996. Which have quite increased explosively since July 2017. This time,Kelly was attributed of sexually, physically and emotionally mistreating women in a ‘“sex cult”.

    More fingers were pointed at the Grammy award nominee after a high-class documentary concerning him was aired. The documentary contained several of his abuse “victims” who all shared their woes.

    It was “game over” for Kelly as he was arrested and charged with 10 fresh counts of sexual abuse in February. Out of the counts, only one of the women was above 18 years of age as at the time of the incident. The rest fell between the range of 13-17 years of age as at the time of the happening.

    The former professional basketball player posted bail.

    He later featured on CBS in an interview with Gayle King, in which he once again reiterated his guitlessness, saying: “I didn’t do this stuff, this is not me … all of them are lying.” However, he is back in jail, after defaulting in payment of $161,000 in child support.


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