R.Kelly’s Application For Bail Has Been Denied As His Trial date Has Been Set.

R.Kelly’s Application For Bail Has Been Denied As His Trial date Has Been Set.

A federal judge in New York City denied R. Kelly bail on Wednesday after prosecutors said freeing the R&B singer created a risk of him fleeing or tampering with witnesses in the sex abuse case against him.

U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly denied a defense motion asking for home detention and set a May 18 trial date.

According to her, Kelly is accused of committing crimes involving “very young girls,” his finances are “murky, to say the least” and the proposed home detention “certainly would do nothing to deter him” from intimidating witnesses.

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Even though R.Kelly wasn’t in court for the sitting, his lawyers were unable to convince the Judge to grant him bail.

A new date, May 18, 2020, has been set for trial and the judge said the proceeding is expected to last about three weeks.

In court papers filed Monday, Kelly’s attorneys claimed he’s so broke he couldn’t afford to flee.

The papers also complained he’s only able to receive visits in jail from one of two previous live-in girlfriends at a time.

“No other friends or professional colleagues are allowed to visit,” the papers said. “That is not right.”

The government responded by calling Kelly’s claims of poverty misleading. It said he “continues to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in connection with the royalties he is owed for his music.”

The prosecutors’ memo also claimed that authorities have evidence that Kelly threatened to “release compromising and potentially embarrassing photographs” of an unnamed victim last year unless she dropped a lawsuit against him


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