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Our Readers Favorite Books Reviewed

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We will be reviewing our readers’ favorite books, British playwright and actor, Alan Bennett says “books ignite the imagination”.

So we are going to discuss some of our anonymous readers’ favourite books.

Author Dr. Seus also contends that the more we read, the more we know; and the more we learn, the more places we go. It is not so easy to get around easily.

So yes, if you cannot get to Indonesia due to financial conditions or some other reason, you could just pick up a book about Indonesia yea?

I agree with that philosophy too but I think seeing is still the best, maybe because I cherish traveling, books can’t give me that experience.

The Celestial Prophecy by James Redfield

The Celestial Prophecy is a 1993 spiritual novel.  Although still a bit unconventional, Redfield writes about spiritual and psychological growth.

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The protagonist of the story initially seems restless and empty. He stumbles on insights which help him grow spiritually.

The novel continues its story in two other sequels: The Tenth Insight and the Twelfth Insight.

I love this book because like Dr. Seus says, it exposed my imagination and it was educational knowing how some other people view spiritual growth.

If you are spiritual and a bit unconventional, then this book is for you.

Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie

One of my favourite books is Purple Hibiscus, it was the first novel I read from front page to the last without taking a break. Before then, I did not know it was possible.

Purple Hibiscus discusses the societal theme of Religion and the situation in Nigeria after colonialism.

Its simple and detailed diction moves me. It is easy for anyone to read this book and get along with it. It also resonates with one’s imagination because of its detailed language.

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Dark Abyss by Robyn Donald

I really can’t believe that one of our readers’ favorite books could be dark abyss, hey, whoever you are, I am so scared for you.

The first romance novel I read is 1981 novel, Dark Abyss by Robyn Donald. I remember I was intrigued by the story about a girl who had amnesia due to an accident.

Unknown to her, she was married to a young writer.

The story tells how the couple regains love, fighting through conflicts that arose from the past.

If you love romance, then you would love this piece of literature. The author uses words to stimulate heat, and I’m not even exaggerating.

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favourite books

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Written in 1937, this classic is still very relevant to date. The book which discusses the power of thinking right to improve financial conditions has gotten a lot of recognition worldwide.

I love this book not only because it addresses the issue of positive-thinking but it also uses real-life scenarios for illustrations.

And no, Napoleon Hill does not say we should sit home and think of getting rich as the answer to attracting wealth. Still, he makes it look easy.

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The Vulture is a Patient Bird by James Hadley Chase

Rene Brabazon Raymond also was known by his pen name, James Hardly Chase is a British writer who I think is exceptional and is popular in the thriller genre.

The Vulture is a Patient Bird is thrilling and it is one of everyone’s favorite books. A team of rebels goes to break the safe of a millionaire in Africa.

Their journey goes bad when the millionaire finds out that they are coming.

I love this book because it is detailed. Rene uses a lot of adjectives that help bring the story to life. It does not feel like you are reading a book, it feels like one is seeing a movie in a book.

Richest Man In Babylon by George Samuel Clason.

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Although this book stayed on my mum’s library for months before I finally gave it attention out of sheer boredom, I do not regret ever picking it up. In fact, I have read it three times since then.

Using Babylonian parables, Clason gives financial advises that are not only simple to understand but quite easy to practice as well.

This book is on this list because it not only gives effective financial wisdom but it also educates on ancient Babylonian culture.


These are some of our readers’ favourite books. If you have not read them, I think you should. We would like to know yours.

Comment below what books you enjoy.


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