7 Signs you need to stop That Relationship

Relationships are extremely significant, be it to our friends, our families or to anybody we care about. As there are romantic relationships, there are also signs you need to stop that relationship.

We all reach a point in romantic relationships where we start getting more serious, and everything we do or think about isn’t just about our singular selves, but the other person as well.

The idea of spending a lifetime with this person becomes a reoccurring picture in our heads. However, not all of us get such happy endings as others do. In most cases, our perfect relationships crack and things begin to spiral down south and we then wonder- ‘how did we get here?’.

As much as there is a relationship between language and communication, both parties need to have a language that will sustain their communication.

No matter our age or relationship experience, ending a relationship is never a walk in the park. We sometimes get so caught up in the routines of these relationships and the idea of its past glories that we become almost blinded to the unhappiness we face in it.

Perhaps, we try to hold on to the good times or we are scared to start all over again, whatever the case may be, we lose so much time and it feels almost as if the relationship is a task, as we hoped wizkid and tiwa savage relationship is becoming real or not, but ofcourse its a platonic relationship.

If you are feeling as if you’re stuck in your relationship with your partner and you can’t identify some signs to call it off, check out these 7 signals you need to stop that relationship. 

When you no longer trust each other

7 Signals you need to stop That Relationship: Cheating by phone

Now, when talking about any relationship at all, trust is the most important gluing agent needed. In a romantic relationship, this is the most fundamental aspect for both partners to succeed. However, if this trust breaks then it is most certainly time to end that relationship.

It’s very easy to identify when there’s a lack of trust. If you find yourself constantly questioning your partner’s every motive, move, abilities, and words all the times, then your trust is damaged.

Simple things like why are they (your partner) nice to you, or picking a phone call away from your ear-shot, becomes grounds for doubts, this is never how to keep a relationship.

If there exist mutual distrust then that is a recipe for a crumbling relationship. There will surely be jealousy, anger, possessiveness and other negative feelings leaking into the relationship.

Once this point is reached though, it is usually difficult to come back from, and so a reason to end the relationship before it becomes toxic to both parties. 

When they become violent

7 Signals you need to stop That Relationship: Image of sad quarrel young cute african couple isolated over yellow background.

Speaking of toxicity in a relationship, once your partner becomes violent with you, end the relationship. There is no reason to keep staying in a relationship where your life is in danger.

In most cases, it is never easy to leave a violent relationship because of fear, but it is always advisable to leave at the very beginning of any violent outburst before it becomes so bad that you can’t find the courage to end the relationship.

No one should ever suffer through violence in a relationship where their partner claims to love them. You possibly need a piece of relationship advice but you could only hope it works.

If you no longer have fun in your relationship

7 Signals you need to stop That Relationship: Cute Couple pointing fingers at camera

Relationships are meant to be fun and exciting, and if you lose that from a relationship it becomes a damn task.

If you notice that everything that was fun to do becomes boring and you are no longer able to reawaken that sense of fun you shared with your significant other, then perhaps it is time to end such relationship.

Days have become tiring, every attempt at excitement is met with distaste and you just pray for something to break you out of the routine. 

A relationship is meant to be something you look forward to, and if you grow tired of it, you have got to realize it and move on to someone that doesn’t make you feel like you are with them as a chore or obligations, because life is too short to be tied down.  

If they are always controlling

7 Signals you need to stop That Relationship: Young African American couple having

This is also an aspect of a toxic relationship. If you realize that your partner believes that their way, ideas, and motives are the ultimate over yours, then they are controlling. One thing that a person shouldn’t be in a relationship is controlling of others.

If you see that everything you do or wish to do is being micromanaged by your partner then it’s perhaps time to end such relationship.

A controlling relationship will lead to a breeding ground for distrust, unhappiness, and in a long run even hatred.  It’s easier to disconnect yourself from a relationship like that than to stay in and suffer through it looking for a silver lining. 

When the idea of spending a lifetime with that person isn’t as exciting as it used to

First of all, marriage is not for everyone. Just because it seems everyone around you are getting married doesn’t mean it is for you. Marriage is a big deal and a huge life commitment, not one that can be rushed in.

If your relationship is at a rocky path, chances are the idea of getting married to your partner and spending an unforeseeable future with them runs a chill down your spine, and not the good kind of chill.

If that turns out to be the case, then there’s a strong signal that the relationship needs not to continue for long. 

Marriage is a scary thing on its own, and it’s not enough to think you will get used to the idea, if you don’t feel it right from the bat then it is torture.

Not only that, it is quite unfair to continue such a relationship and to string the other person, who is pouring their all into the relationship, along. It is better to come clean for the sake of yourself and your partner. 

When you think of having a life with another

7 Signals you need to stop That Relationship: Portrait of young couple playing video game in their living room

Everyone is allowed to fantasise even if you’re in a committed relationship, we are humans after all.

However, these dreams begin to negatively affect your relationship when you no longer channel your energy into being together with your partner, instead you choose to find happiness in daydreaming about having a romantic life with someone else. 

This isn’t the same as having a nice dream about Harry Styles, Idris Elba, or Beyonce, and then going about your day.

No, this kind of negative daydream is when you are having persistent dreams about someone that might have caught your eye somewhere, and you seriously start to see yourself dreaming about having a life, kids and even going couch shopping with this person.

This can seriously hurt your relationship and if you catch yourself doing this daily, then perhaps it’s time to rethink such a relationship.

When you turn out to have different values

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We all have our values, the ones that we hold dear to us no matter what. Values on matters like-marriage, family, freedom etc. When your values begin to rub against your partner’s in an uncomfortably way, then, it might be an early sign that all is not as fine as you thought.

Every relationship goes through negotiations, compromise and execution, of your partner’s values into yours, but when your values or their values become too drastic that no amount of compromise or negotiation seem to help, it’s best to end it. 

By Odofin T.A.


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