Thursday, February 21, 2019

Poverty Must Die, Huey’s Chronicles – Episode 2

Our parents never hesitated to remind us of our financial status; as if we needed any reminders. I recall a particularly rough period in our lives when we were evicted from our house and had to live in an uncompleted building.

Accusation of Rape, Big Man Commits Suicide

Accusation of rape without strong evidence have finally seen a young and ambitious young man and father of one into the grave.
Huey's Chronicles - This is a shot of Makoko in Yaba

The series: Huey’s Chronicles – Episode 1

I've been cursed for as long as I remember. I think I may have been born this way because I can't recall any occurrence during my childhood that tampered with my "factory setting"
Life tenants chronicles

Chronicles of Life Tenants, Story About You or Life

First off, you need to be warned that this journey is going to be a very long one. And just before you go on with me, I would like to start with a short story of my life.
Bleeding Corpse: Guard your Pants Now - Beautiful portrait of beautiful woman

Bleeding Corpse: Guard your Pants Now

Beatrice quietly opened the door to check on Joyce, her daughter. She stayed a while watching her eat her first sausage roll. Much joy filled her heart as she saw her excitement.

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5 Affordable Holiday Spots in Nigeria

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