Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Behind Steve Jobs is Steve Wozniak’s Brain

We all know about Steve Jobs, but do you know anything about Wozniak, because behind Steve Jobs is Steve Wozniak's Brain. Wozniak is an American inventor, electronics engineer, programmer, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur who co-founded Apple in 1976, which later became the world's largest information technology company by revenue.

Android Phones and iPhones iOS?

Which is better? Android vs iPhone. The need to make things easier, be connected and communicate with each other has always been the driving factor for development of new technology.


Men in One word - worst pickup lines

Worst Pickup Lines You Hear From Men of Today

Men. One word, so much potential for disappointment. It's not a lie that some of the worst pickup lines to be used on this planet have come from the mouth of men with too much ego.