Thursday, February 21, 2019

Behind Steve Jobs is Steve Wozniak’s Brain

We all know about Steve Jobs, but do you know anything about Wozniak, because behind Steve Jobs is Steve Wozniak's Brain. Wozniak is an American inventor, electronics engineer, programmer, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur who co-founded Apple in 1976, which later became the world's largest information technology company by revenue.

iPhone XR Review And Specifications

The iPhone XR is currently the latest device in the iPhone series. The highlights of the phone include all-screen design, longest battery life ever in an iPhone,
Android Phone vs iPhone - The Apple iPhone X vs Vivo V9 comparison smartphone

Android Phones and iPhones iOS?

Which is better? Android vs iPhone. The need to make things easier, be connected and communicate with each other has always been the driving factor for development of new technology.
Say Hello to "Windows Hello" - Windows Hello

Say Hello to “Windows Hello”

What is Windows Hello? Want to secure your Pc without a password? Say hello to Windows hello (yes, the pun is Intentional)´╗┐
Would Artificial Intelligence replace humans in the workplace? - Diverse people holding circle signboard

Would Artificial Intelligence replace humans in the workplace?

Would Artificial Intelligence replace humans? Over recent years it's been obvious that technology has constantly been and would continue to be a very major part of our lives, especially in the workplace.
Experiencing the new Tech Trends - Teacher helping teenage schoolgirl with tablet computer - Image

Experiencing the new Tech Trends

Last year might have been the year where there were a lot of innovations in the tech space but this year is definitely going to be the year a lot of these technologies come into full play and extend their potentials.
Things to consider when you want to buy a new laptop. Smart modern male customer choosing laptop in the computer store

Buying A New Laptop, Consider These Tips

I remember the very first time I wanted to get my beautiful computer a few years back. I was crazy about computers back then and I still am.

Five most expensive phones

Phones are parts of our daily lives. They have evolved from being just communicative tools into being fashion accessories as well

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5 Affordable Holiday Spots in Nigeria

Affordable holiday spots in Nigeria is always some hard stuff to find though there are so many online. Beautiful cheap vacation destinations in Nigeria are also not a lot. Lets take a peek at some holiday spots that are affordable´╗┐