Things I Must NOT do in the New Year

It’s already a couple of days into the New Year and I’m going, to be honest, here, I still don’t have resolutions – not because I don’t believe in them, but because I haven’t had the time or focus (but mostly focus) to set them, but I am sure ther are things I must not do in the New Year.

Resolutions can be a little bit demanding, emotionally. Turning around to see this whole list of things you set up for yourself to achieve and all.

They’re great, but I haven’t had the mental strength for them. Which is why I came up with a stellar idea to write the things to NOT do this year, instead of ones to do.

The whole idea is less threatening and more fun. It may or may not be a good idea though, so just read on to decide.

I Must Not Waste Time

Stop staring at the ceiling for thirty minutes until you’re almost late. I wake up almost every day and stare into blank space instead of getting on with my day.

Young bored woman feels drowsy sitting

This end up with me being late all the time. This year, I’ll try to get out of bed the moment my eyes flutter open and get on with my day without rush. If you do this too, this is your year to change.

I must Not Eat Too Much

Trying to finish food when I’m already full. (Unless I’m at a fancy restaurant and I paid good money for my plate.)

I’m going to try to stop eating as soon as I’m satisfied and you should too. Don’t buy the lie that excess carbs will go to your carbs.

I’ve been on it for years and it’s never gotten past my stomach. All I have to show for it is big belle and a missing waistline.

My secondary school teacher used to say “Food was meant to keep you alive. If you’re not going to die, don’t eat it.”

I’m not asking you to necessarily take his advice because I won’t, but it puts things into a little perspective for me.

I Must Not Be Rash With Decisions

This point was supposed to be titled “Limit your spending” but I realize how vague it sounds so I’m going to make it more specific.

Sometimes, it’s hard to determine what we need or do not need (from experience) so I learned a little trick.

Things I Must NOT do in the New Year - Skeptic, unsure, uncertain, doubts

You know how boys asked us out in Secondary school and we’d say we’d think about it so as not to appear “cheap” or “easy-to-get”? We need to bring back that logic and apply it to our lives.

Imagine all the lovely purses, shoes and weaves are the men who proposed to you (I’m deeply sorry for this inaccurate comparison because we all know weaves are on a hundred levels above men, right?) and you need to think for a few days, or weeks (do your “Shakara beloved) before making a decision.

A lot of times, as soon as you get out of the store or leave the site, the items zoom out of your mind.

I Must Not Wait Too Long

How many times have you sat and done nothing because you lacked enough motivation? How many times did you wait for inspiration only to be kept waiting? I’ve been there, more times than I care to admit.

This year, I’ll try to focus more on whatever needs to be done – whether I’m motivated or not. I’ve realized that a lot of times, discipline is what keeps you going. Keep going, even if you’re crawling (that’s a Chris Brown lyrics but it doesn’t matter).

I must Not Undermine Abilities

How many times do you water down your abilities in a bid to appear humble? It happens to even the best of us. This year I’m going to make a conscious effort to not play down my achievements or abilities, no matter how “insignificant” I assume they are, and you should too.

Say it like you know what you’re talking about. Not to water it down. Don’t say you’re trying, managing or just starting out – no one will take you seriously.

Things I Must NOT do in the New Year - Businessman using digital x-ray human brain

You determine the value people place on you. (I can’t remember what book I lifted this line from but it’s true).

If you’re typing, don’t say “I’m kinda a caterer. Lol.” No one has money to waste on “kinda a caterer”. Own it.

I Must Not Be Ashamed

One very important Things I must not do in the New Year is to be shameful about things, Shamelessness is a virtue, I wish that was written somewhere in our Holy Books. I have a long list of things shame has prevented me from achieving.

Also hope I fully grabbed that some things should be done, regardless of how we look while doing them.

Shame has stopped me from doing a lot of things. It’s kept me from connecting with people who would have been of immense help.

Things I Must NOT do in the New Year - Ashamed

It’s made me empty my account because I felt like it was too embarrassing to say I couldn’t afford certain stuff.

Shame has stopped me from embarking on projects because I was sure I’d be laughed at if I failed.

This year, I’m going to put shame aside and do whatever needs to be done.

I Must Not Wait Until It’s Perfect

If there’s one role I play well, it’s that of Miss Perfectionist. I need everything to be in order, set, just right. Also won’t apply for the job until I meet ALL the criteria.

I won’t go out because my outfit isn’t appropriate or good enough and won’t contribute to a conversation because I’m not exactly confident. (This point goes hand in hand with the former and I’m only just realizing it)

One of the things that will count is whether or not you show up, not the state of your presence. So, show up unqualified. Show up scared and trembling.

Show up however you want but just show up.

Things I Must NOT do in the New Year - Hello I Am Turning No Into Yes

I Must Not Hold On To All Bonds

Writing this headline alone brings about five bonds flooding to my mind. Bonds with specific habits, with specific people, with specific ideas.

This is about evaluating and having a total detox cleanse (forgive my terminology, I’ve been watching too much reality shows)

I have a bond with bread and mayo (Don’t judge) which doesn’t really serve me, unless you count the occasional pimples which I like to think are the children of that unhealthy union.

I’m not just sharing, I’m sharing so it gives you ideas of bonds you should cut off.

I have bonded with specific people, that I’m scared to break because I believe I might need them tomorrow but it really doesn’t make sense.

Tomorrow will surely take care of itself (if it doesn’t please don’t blame me).

The more entries I bring up on this list, the more ideas I have. I’ve realized that we do so much already. Sometimes, it’s not about doing plenty of stuffs.

Sometimes, it’s about doing less, because we’re doing too much nonsense already.

You can write your own list of things you think you should NOT do, and try to follow through this time. And if you don’t follow through on all, don’t beat yourself up. We still have plenty of years ahead of us.

Many opportunities to plan our special reverse resolutions in the New Year.

Written by Hannatu-Favour


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