Home News Things you should know about Tobias Harris’ latest move

Things you should know about Tobias Harris’ latest move

Things you should know about Tobias Harris' latest move

Taking “a trip to the past”, precisely in November 2018 when A-list basketballer, Tobias Harris was surrounded by newsmen while practicing ahead of a game against the Nets.

At the time, Harris was eight months away from becoming a free agent ( A professional athlete who is free to play for or sign a contract to play for any team ) therefore the subject of their discussion bordered around how his joining the Nets would boost his career this summer.

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Given his response, one would almost think he was a psychic, for his answer was precise and very tactful.

“I’m just focused on the team that I put a jersey on every single night for,” he said prior to playing the Nets. “I think it wouldn’t be fair if I had my mind somewhere else at this time. I’m just focused on helping this team and let’s see how far we can go.” He said

Apparently, during the early hours of Wednesday 6th of February, 2019 while at least 90% of the “basketball world” was asleep news about Harris being auctioned to the Philadelphia 76ers in a multi-player deal and after the eleventh hour of the trade, it became authenticated.

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They (Philadelphia76ers) are also going to keep Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler, whom they acquired five days before Harris gave the Nets a 27 points nightmare.

Things you should know about Tobias Harris' latest move- Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler

The duo (Butler and Harris) are both free agents and in so much as they are now 76ers, their Larry Bird ( Former player and coach, now president of the Indiana Pacers in the National Basketball Association ) rights can come in handy for them in terms of their earnings they have each played three seasons without being removed or switching teams despite their free agency status.

Things you should know about Tobias Harris' latest move, NBA legend, Larry Bird
NBA legend, Larry Bird

Both men have changed their teams through inter-club trades and las soon as this recent trade becomes official it would count as Harris’ fifth.

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Presently, the Sixers can offer Harris a five-year, $188 million deal much as the Nets can offer him a whooping four-year, $145.5 million agreement.

Even though those offers may not be zealous to Harris, recall that he turned away a four-year $80 million retention deal from the Clippers last summer and despite that, he still raised the best figures of his career that has made him play for six teams (including his prospective appearance the Sixers).

Here is more confirmation “from the horse’s mouth”

This obviously nailed it

Tobias Harris Stats


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